Few Awesome Facts about Birding in China that will make your Experience as Inspirational as Ever

Sichuan Birding Tours

Every person, at least once in their whole lifetime has tried out their hand in bird-watching. However, the scale that it has grown out to be is truly worth noticing. Gone are those days when you had to engage in birding only in your surrounding territory. With so much accessibility available these days, travelers and professionals alike are all packing their bags to try out birding on a level they have never experienced before. And if you feel that you are one of them, then do not hesitate anymore and get on the bandwagon today!If you are still looking for a perfect location, then China can be that perfect match for you. Newbie or professional- southwest China has something for everyone. Not only can you witness the stunning birds amidst the gorgeous lush backgrounds, but also be an audience to the rich cultural milieu that has formed in the region over the years. If you also happen to be travelling in the prime migration period, then you will also be able to see rare species of birds like the Black Throat. However, planning a birding trip in China requires quite a lot of professional assistance. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that offer such trips like the Sichuan Birding Tours. Make sure to research thoroughly and hire an agency that suits all your preferences and criteria.

Read on below to know more about what birding in China offers:

  • Endemic as well as Rare Species:

Unlike other locations, Bird Watching in China is very dynamic. What this means is that due to the varied climate, locations and topography, southwest China allows a lot of different species to be seen. So, you can easily connect what you want to see locally like the Chinese Blackbird or Bulbul with something rare like the Fire-throat or Blackthroat. Make sure to research properly on the areas that you definitely want to cover and plan your trip according to the species you wish to see the most.

  • Experienced Guides Throughout:

Since you will be travelling all the way to China, you would want to make sure that your trip is assisted by professionals. For this, you can rest assured because most travel companies offer field guides who have been properly taught or experienced in the field. Not only will they help you in identifying the right locations for the right birds, but also inform you about each species to make the whole experience more interesting. Almost all of these guides are also adept in dealing with westerners and their preferences, so if you are coming from a western country, you can easily rely on them to make your stay here as smooth as possible.

  • Additional Local Activities:

Granted that you will be going for a birding trip to look at the birds primarily, but that does not mean that you have to restrict it to this activity only. In fact, southwest China has so much to offer, that you must, as a traveler, try out as many things as possible while on your stay here. You have the opportunity of immersing yourself in the local population, getting to know about their culture, traditions, history and cuisines. Apart from this, you can visit the local historical sites if you are a history buff as well.

Do not hesitate any longer! Find a travel company and book yourself a birding tour now!

Author Bio: Sim Zhang, writing regularly on Bird Watching in China, here spares some information as to why such a tour in China, especially the southwestern part, like Sichuan Birding Tours, can be truly innovative and incredibly memorable.

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