Apex Movers CDL Training – My First Day Of Truck Driving School

Well, after a long wait, the day has finally arrived! Today was my first day of CDL training! During my training, I plan to write every single day, or almost every day, to tell you how things are going by day. Some posts will be longer, and some will just “check in” if not more interesting. But I will make sure you keep everyone up to date so check your blog daily.

It looks like I’ve chosen school. Each of his instructors has at least 30 years of driving experience (over 150 years combined experience) and must meet very stringent requirements to become a school instructor. He is proud that the state is the most difficult state to obtain the Illinois CDL. In fact, a CDL license cannot be transferred from outside the state to the Alliance. But an Illinois CDL can be moved to any other state. In addition, this school is known for being the toughest CDL school in the state. So ahead of me is a hell of a ride! Fortunately, although they are tough, they are also forgiving. If I fail in any part of the writing or driving exams, they will not throw me to a stop. As long as the student strives, those who work for each other’s success work with each other. If they are experiencing anxiety, they never hang on to dry the student. It’s not like I plan to fail at anything! Needless to say, their success rate is over 99% (both pass the CDL and seek employment after training).

She is also very selective about which companies she will work with and will allow flyers at her school to pass, compose and pass requests. If a company makes promises that it does not fulfill, then the school will not allow their recruiters to come back. Moreover, he assured us that when we finished his CDL training, our relationship would not end. If we have a problem with hiring a company, they will act as mediators to resolve matters. If it turns out that the company is at fault, the company will no longer be allowed to return to school for recruiting purposes. We have been assured that recruitment companies are not tolerated and are not allowed in schools for recruitment purposes. It seems that most companies with whom they work see the school as very important and often have students submit their application on the same day. However, they were very clear on the fact that not all companies would be a good fit for all of us and they are willing to assist each of us individually selected companies to apply. Are. The companies they work with (many of them are!) Rank the school high. Most students have at least 4 pre-jobs until graduation.

My classroom instructors want us to find out what’s important to us at a company. Do we want more time for home? Do we just want to make more money? Do we want to live east of the Mississippi? Travel the whole country? Are we interested in regional or local jobs throughout the year? Once again we give it our “profile” they can begin to help us choose between companies. I like the fact that they are not just about getting our CDLs, but they are helping us in other ways as well. It doesn’t seem like they favor one company over another, but believe me there is a company for each of us. They just tell us what each company is like and help us narrow it down. I look forward to seeing some recruiters make their offers.

The owner of the school came into the room to introduce you and tell us the style of teaching we should expect. This guy is hilarious! He said they were “very good” at what they do and used unconventional techniques to achieve their success. The first thing they told us was that they never take anything personal. As an example, he said one of the phrases we often offer here is “Get off your ass!” They’re not the kind of school that will slap you on the back and say, “Well, next time you get one.” , When you make a mistake. He is convinced that you will not learn anything like this. He used this example. If an instructor asks you to turn right and you are turning left, then “” get your head out of your donkey to really get your attention! “, Or some other choice words. The only thing if you aren’t checking your mirror, making the right turns, etc. They apparently have very few” tricks “that they can use to remember our mistakes. I can’t really explain all the examples they offer, but believe it or not, it has made some good points! Basically, when there are mistakes, they want them to Incorrect

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