Annoying Pregnancy Symptoms That May Actually Be Good For Your Little One

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The annoying pregnancy symptoms may be difficult to endure, but it signifies the overall wellbeing of your little one. You might be wondering what your mother would have warned you about symptoms of pregnancy when you were young. For some women, the journey poses to be a difficult one.

The moment you are expecting you might have to encounter a backache, fatigue or heartburn which are the most annoying pregnancy symptoms. If you belong to a lucky few categories you might experience mild pregnancy symptoms. Let us now observe what these annoying pregnancy symptoms are. Just be aware that most of these symptoms last for a few months!

You are going to feel nausea and even puke

Most would be mothers face issues of morning sickness where they might puke. No fun is availed when you cut down your entire list of favorite foods and feel nausea the entire day around. Nausea does not occur in the early morning itself. The main reason for their occurrence would be an increase in the hormone levels HCG that you need for the healthy development of your baby.

The breasts are swollen and tender at the same time

The breasts are going to nurse a little bundle the moment a little one pops out.  During pregnancy, it is seen that you might have an increase in your breast size. The milk ducts increase and a tendency is there to produce more milk. In addition, it might feel a little sore to touch and it could be just like a hell. What it does mean is that you will be able to feed your baby once they arrive.

Gaining weight

No secret logic behind this as you is going to put on weight moment you become pregnant. There is a baby inside your stomach and you might be craving for various different types of foods during the course of the day. An average weight gain appears to be around 10 to 13 kg when you are pregnant. There are some women who lose weight due to morning sickness in the first trimester of their pregnancy. No need to worry as breastfeeding would enable you to burn calories that one could ever imagine. That extra amount of weight ensures that the baby is developing well inside a womb. Gaining weight occurs from the first trimester of pregnancy till you give birth.

You are going to have a lot of vaginal discharge

Pregnant women the moment they are pregnant would see a lot of vaginal discharge. There is no need to worry as this appears to be a natural process. The main reason why it increases is that the hormone estrogen increases in your body. If more supply of blood reaches out to the vagina it would cause more discharge. With extra discharge, it helps the vagina to flush out the extra toxins that would be harmful to a developing baby. This would keep your baby safe and occurs during the entire duration of pregnancy.

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