A Journey of Enchancing the Taste of Your Food

Grandfather Garumuni Peter De Silva, who hailed from a small town named Balapitiya based in Sri Lanka, laid the foundation of Grupo Canela in 1995. In the early days of the 1950s, he used to sell cinnamon out of a wooden cart and expanded this venture vertical, tapping the local market. His hometown was actively involved in the cinnamon trade, and as a very trusted and respected gentleman in the community, he realized he would have success in this business. His ultimate aim was to introduce Ceylon Cinnamon, aiming to tap the spices wholesale market, and help local farmers through the initiative of wholesale herbs and spices.

Over more than five decades of consistent hard work and dedication, Grupo Canela has expanded its business vertical exponentially and made its way into the United States, emerging as the most successful wholesale herb suppliers and retail sellers. Through their relentless hard work and never-die dedication, they have made their way into renowned U.S. food stores markets such as El Super, Northgate, Superior, 99 cent stores, and Vallarta Supermarkets.

Grupo Canela has now become a popular brand as one of the biggest distributors in the U.S. Through their perseverance, they have spread the business wings of distributing over 20 million pounds of herbs and spices in a fiscal year.

Families across the globe have become one of our biggest retail and loyal consumers. Our impact in the United States is unsurpassable because our products and their qualities become the household name in their dwelling set-up.

Grupo Canela offers a variety of amazing products of herbs and spices, and those are texted down in a chef’s cookbook because of their sterling and original quality. They have solidified our position as the top importer/exporter of cinnamon in the world. They spend a substantial amount of time ensuring the highest quality of our wholesale herbs and spices to our customers. Our genuine and family-oriented approach is the only way Grupo Canela knows how to do business and our service thrives because of that

They have a variety of species products to fulfill and enhance the tastes of worldwide consumers. 

Cumin. If you still don’t know the quality of enhancing the taste of your food, gear up to be infected with the seeds of love. Most meals are cooked by adding up olive oil, a handful of chopped onion and garlic, and a couple of whole cumin seeds. Heating this aromatic combination in a frying pan invents incredible fragrance, giving the signal to every empty tummy that dinner is ready to be tasted. 

Turmeric. Given its remarkable ability to change the color of your dish into a yellow-orange, turmeric has a delicate and mild aroma. Adding a fistful of turmeric will bring the stellar result of gentle color along with a savory taste. 

 Cardamom. If you really like the flavor of tea, you will admire the quality of cardamom. Cardamom enhances the unusual level of the spiced flavor to baked goods and pancakes, and acts well in homemade applesauce or ground and sprinkled on poached fruit.


Ceylon cinnamon acts not only as a taste enhancer but also health-giver in numerous ways. It gives an array of health benefits, such as reducing the insulin level to normal for those individuals who have diabetes. This form of cinnamon contains the cancer-combating enzymes and strikes a fine of balance in blood pressure.

With the approach of family-oriented and original, our chiles retain the actual taste of grandma’ cooking. They are proud of ourselves, housing an exhaustive variety of chiles that spice up the taste of the food to the epic level. Here is a laundry list of our chiles: 

About spices, they are always on our toes that our spices never lose their original taste to the standard of spices market by flawlessly preserving. They want our customers can easily recognize the aromatic freshness of our high-quality turmeric, ginger, and garlic, among others. 

 Apart from the spices, they also supply super quality and nutritious-enriched grains, ranging from chia to quinoa. Our name has become the order of the day to the wholesaler and retailer across the globe. 

Next in the row is our quality herbs. Our certified herbs are rated as the top quality herbs in the spices wholesale market. This product holds one of the top positions from the list of items they offer. Foodservice providers and retailers are our trusted customers to purchase this commodity in huge volumes.

Apart from these products offerings, they are also extremely excited to induct the new items, such as cardamom, coriander seeds, nutmeg, and many more other items.