Minicab Insurance London

A Guide to Help You Understand About the Vehicle Insurance

There comes a visible difference when you cut down the taxi insurance. it is not easy to get the best and reasonable deals on taxi covers. The ability to get the best taxi policies with detailed knowledge of the industry will help you to get the best taxi cover. If you are driving minicab to transport the passengers, the below-mentioned points can help you to get the best Minicab Insurance without dropping the quality of your cover.

Type of Insurance You Need

A variety of taxi policies offer varying levels of cover. The very first thing you need to choose is to decide which type of vehicle insurance you need, either you go for public hire or private hire, before getting into the details of an individual policy.

If you need to pre-book a taxi or minicab, Private hire insurance is the right choice. This cover is suitable for the type of cab that cannot show a taxi sign, just picked up at a taxi rank, ones that cannot be welcomed on the street or accept paying travelers other than by previous arrangement. The reason you will realize is that this type of taxi is mostly used by fresh drivers in older vehicles which is far away from an insurance company’s favorite blend of risks.

Obligatory by Law

All PCO drivers must have vehicle insurance as it is required by Law. When you come across an accident, insurance will provide coverage for you and your passenger. If you were found at fault, insurance will provide coverage for your vehicle and the other vehicle as well. At the point of licensing, private hire vehicle must still be covered by reward or hire insurance. This depicts that how essential it is to get your vehicle insured correctly on the road.

On the other side, Public hire taxi insurance cover is the right choice for cabs that can be welcomed from the street, collectively known as hackney carriages like black cabs. As their drivers are older and they use new minicabs, these are often at cheaper rates to insure rather than private hire taxis.

Policy Options for Cabs

Though there are a lot of insurance policy options, taxi insurance comes with a range that allows you to minimize your premium as per the level of cover you want. Hackney carriage or Minicab Insurance has the following options;


The biggest factor is where you will be driving your vehicle that will decide your policy premium is the area where you are driving your cab. In some areas, driving a taxi is either expensive or it is way hard to find a cover.

Mileage Policy

The great deal in your mileage is to investigate an unlimited mileage policy- through airport runs. Off-putting your mileage can help cut your premiums down but try to be honest as any discrepancy can cause you issues in any claim event. Try giving detailed information about any modification in your car.

If you are looking for an insurance cover for your taxi, you can look at Cubit-insurance for the type of cover that suits for the safety of your vehicle.