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9 Simple But Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog

Trying to obtain and attract readership is a hurdle every website or blog owner has jumped through at some point. It doesn’t matter whether you are the best digital marketing agency in London or a fresh start-up, readership is something that needs to be constructed carefully.

Blogging is one tool of bringing an excellent number of visitors to your website, creating a social networking audience, and making an impression on customers. But how to make them reach an audience?

1. Promote your blogs with Social Media:

Share new blogs across all your social networking platforms. This boost on your own networks can develop into some of your best traffic resources.

2. Find your Niche:

Be clear about who your target audience is, what they wish to see and what particular messages that you wish to convey. This will attract a clear traffic to your site.

3. Indulge in Catchy Titles:

The cover is almost as important as the book – lure your readers with catchy, attractive headings of solutions. Think of the titles you would click to read and take an example.

4. Play with Images:

Many studies have concluded on how images in blog posts positively affect readership. It serves as both a visually attractive element and an element for SEO with keywords in the Alt Picture tag on the image. Just be careful to use royalty-free images.

5. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords:

Keywords are the core of SEO. Include a keyword plan for every blog you write. Add it to the title, inside the blog at least twice, at a featured image, and in the webpage link. Tell Google what the page is about and let it get more traffic.

6. Interlinking is Good:

Linking to external websites cited on your blog will help build your credibility with both Google and the visitors, giving them resources and tools to know your authenticity.

7. Social Media Sharing Buttons:

At the top and bottom of the blog, put in all the major social media sharing buttons to both invite and simplify spreading the word for the readers.

8. Guest Blogging:

The more you blog at other external websites and invite other resources to blog on your site, the better you build links and credibility for both Google and the readers.

9. Write, Update, Repeat:

Research says the more you update, the more traffic you will get. Google gives higher priority to websites that have new content, so update your site at least twice per week.

If you’re an individual, I suggest looking at the blogs by the digital expert Neil Patel. If you’re a digital marketing agency, have a look at the blogs by Street73. They have some good promotional ideas that can help boost your traffic.