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8 Best Ways of Increasing Your Blog Traffic

So, you have a blog. That’s excellent. But how do you drive traffic to it? No, you don’t need to hire the best digital marketing agency London to do that. Here is a list of 8 ways you can boost the traffic to your blog in a few weeks.
1. Write Pillar Articles
Writing pillar article is a smart thing to do as it covers everything in one place. It generates high traffic and increases the quality of a single post, rather that spreading out over different blog posts on the same topic.
2. Refurbish Old Content
Update older pillar articles constantly to make it more relevant in the eyes on Google. Rather than writing a new post, freshen up the old ones and then share on social media.
3. Interlink Pillar Articles
Make it easier for Google to index and understand your content by crosslinking and interlinking your posts between each other. The seo marketing agency london will tell you to do this. Include old and new posts, and create a web for Google.
4. Create Backlinks
On the topic of links, backlinks, i.e. links on websites connecting to yours, are integral to SEO practices and ranking on Google. If you have good, credible backlinks, they are gold for your SEO and your Google rankings, so generate them.
5. Promote New Articles
Organic traffic is valuable and hence harder to come by. But it never truly dies. Work in promoting and boosting your article today, and it will bear the traffic fruit tomorrow.
6. Get Content for Ranking Keywords
Your keywords that are already ranking are the trick to traffic. Write content specifically to them, as there is a strong organic intent behind that.
7. Check the Competitor Blogs
This will help you understand exactly the kind of content that works the best in the industry and plan accordingly. A perfect example of that is Canva studying blogs to make their own.
8. Focus on your Headlines
Headlines will make or break your blog. They are what attract readers, engage traffic, and give a nod to Google. Ask any good content marketing agency london and they’ll tell you the same.
Blogs are the most natural way of generating quality traffic. You can handle them yourself but for good blog practices, have a look at blogs from different industries like Canva for graphic design and Street73 for digital marketing.