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5 Types ofScarves You Can Wear As aFashion Statement

Scarves have become a fashion statement these days. This is a perfect way to look trendy and they also add a bit of a variety to the regular wardrobe otherwise.

Before buying wholesale scarf one must know what are the prominent styles and varieties that are available and then they can choose from them. There are some which go really well with the formal wear and then there are some that can be paired well with an evening dress. One can thus have varieties of scarves in their wardrobe so that they can mix and match. Here are the popular varieties to try on:

Pashmina Scarves

This is a very exclusive collection of scarves and high quality pashmina scarves are also rare these days. They are made from pure cashmere wools which come from the Himalayan goat. They have a very soft texture and when worn one can feel really comfortable. They provide a lot of warmth during winter and sometimes the wool is mixed with a bit of silk and then the scarf becomes made of pashmina silk. They are also unique that one can make an exclusive style statement by wearing it. They look really classy.

Bandana Scarves

They look like a big handkerchief and they can be easily tied near the head or just around the neck. They have a very casual and printed looks and so one can wear them on a summer afternoon or at the beach holidays. In fact one can wear then around head to stay protected from strong sunlight.

Muffler Scarves

This is a particular variety of scarf which is clearly very popular among women. They have a square shape mostly and one can tie it up creatively on their neck. They can pair them up with wide necked tops and long dresses. They look really trendy.

Pareo Sarong Scarves

They have their origin from Tahiti and this is a type which can be easily worn by men, women and children. They do have a universal style and they look so versatile that women can easily wrap them the way they want to wrap it. In fact, instead of wrapping it around the neck or the head one can also wear them as a sarong by tying it along their waist. They look so classy and modern that one can never go wrong with it.

Silk Scarves

If one wants to portray a sophisticated look then they must go for the silk scarves. One can pair them up with silk kimonos for sale as well. The texture of well-made silk scarves can look really nice and they can easily attract attention if one goes somewhere wearing them. One can mostly pick up some bold and bright colours to wear it on a dull and a gloomy day. Apart from colours one can also choose bold prints like floral and animal.

These are the major varieties of scarves that one can wear as their style statement and make a mark wherever they are going.