5 Tips to Organize a Successful Instagram Giveaway

Are you feeling happy to gain 1000 followers on Instagram? There was no need for you to buy Instagram followers but still, you could manage 1000 followers. This certainly calls for a celebration. You could celebrate by hosting a perfect Instagram giveaway. Here are certain tips you can follow to make sure it is done the right way for best results.

It is Necessary to Decide on the Goal

Hosting a successful giveaway on Instagram could be beneficial to both you and your followers. You could increase your Instagram followers in a jiffy by selecting the right goal. Your chosen goal would depend completely on your present focus. By choosing a goal you could increase your Instagram followers, email subscribers, comments and likes, blog readers, website visitors in no time.

Choosing the Prize Wisely is a Must

You need to select a prize that is suitable for your target audience. You must remember to select a prize which appeals to the target market. Your prize need not be a lavish one but it certainly should be relevant to the target audience.

If you are not selling fashion accessories there is no point giving away a pair of expensive Tommy Hilfiger footwear. It would attract a few fashionistas but certainly not the target market. Thus, the key to a successful giveaway is to decide on a prize that is interesting and reasonable for the target audience.

Keep the Rules of the Giveaway Simple to Encourage Participation

To encourage greater participation from your target audience it is essential to keep the rules of the giveaway simple. Many variables would scare away the audience. Thus, it is imperative to ensure that the instructions of the giveaway are simple and short.

A common giveaway structure would be to like the ‘giveaway’ post, follow you and then tag the friend in the comment section. This should be the basic structure but if you want to add any additional criteria like reposting images or mentioning giveaways in the story, you must make those optional instead of compulsory.

Limit the Time of the Giveaway to Make It look Urgent

It is sheer foolishness to make the giveaway last for a long time. You should make use of the ‘limited time’ offers a strategy to create a feeling of urgency. Thus, by making use of this strategy you should choose the 3 to 7-day period to host your giveaway. You could even use the 24-hour contest for engaging a bigger audience.

Put in a Lot of Effort for Promoting Your Giveaway

By creating the giveaway post you could attract a few entrants but to reach out to a larger audience, you need to do the promoting seriously. You should mention the giveaway well ahead before it happens. You could even make use of stories, after, during or before the contest for keeping the audience interested and aware.

It is not necessary for you to buy Instagram followers. With certain tactics, you can increase your following on Instagram. You can celebrate the achievement with a giveaway. By following the above mentioned tips you can host a successful Instagram giveaway in no time.

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