Cleanroom Furniture

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Cleanroom Furniture

Having a cleanroom means facing several different challenges like controlling the pressure inside, the temperature, static levels, air and water quality and so on. In addition to this it is also important to choose good cleanroom furniture because these will affect the efficiency and productivity of your cleaning room space. Some of the most important considerations which you must make while purchasing cleanroom furniture are as follows:

  • What are the types of reagents and chemicals that would be used?

You will need to select your clean room furniture based on the specific types of reagents and chemicals which would be used in your lab. You should select those work surfaces which are both chemical and heat resistant. The materials need to non-conductive and should not get stained easily. This will also help you decide if you require fume hoods or not.

  • What are the types of experiments which will be performed?

This will help in determining the types and the numbers of workstations which you would require. You will also have an idea about their layout and how you should place these workstations. When you are using your cleanroom for storing sensitive materials then you should require cabinetry, caseworks, shelving are and so on. However, when you need your cleanroom for only quality testing or quality control purposes then you would need workstations which provide you with storage, electricity and so on.

  • How frequently will your things change?

When you want to have more flexibility in your cleanroom then you would need to choose furniture which are portable, flexible and can be easily changed or upgraded. These are generally required in the cleanrooms which have a variety of different operations. You will be able to procure cleanroom furniture which has adjustable height facilities and other such features which would let you easily reconfigure them.

  • How many chairs would you require?

Although it may seem a bit trivial to you but it is essential to maintain efficiency in your cleanroom. You should not get a lot of chairs as this will always create a hindrance and get in your way or cause more hindrance. You will be effectively wasting your space by doing this. So you should choose the number of chairs which you really require. Ensure that they are placed close to tables and are ergonomically sound and comfortable. You can also

Choose stools for this purpose.

  • How much storage space would be needed?

Storage space is essential in a cleaning room because you will always have an abundance of materials and tools which have to be put away for future use. So you should always have sufficient storage space for this purpose. You can consider adding shelves for more bulky storage items but small cabinets would be useful for keeping chemicals.

You can get cleaning room furniture from both online and offline suppliers. Always check the reputation of your supplier before making any purchase as this will determine how sound your investment is. Buying from online suppliers will help you get more discounts.