4 Steps to Follow before Selling Your Car to Auto Wreckers

Do you have a car that costs more to repair than its actual worth? Has your car met an accident? Or, do you have a car that is difficult for you to sell, no more how many times you have lowered the price? If so, then you should consider selling your car to an auto wrecker.

The auto wreckers buy old or damaged cars from the car owners. Then, they pull off the working parts, recycle the parts, and after that sell it to the ones, who are in need of it. If you are planning to sell your car to one of the reputable Melbourne wreckers, then you should follow these steps-

  1. Prepare your title

When you will sell your car to an auto wrecker, you will need the title. The title should not have any lien holders on it, and if there are several parties, you will need the signature of the other party in order to transfer the title. If you don’t have any idea about where the title to the car is, or have not received one after paying off the loan, then it is the right time to request a title and get everything in order.

  1. Collect your personal belongings

Often you put your personal belongings in your car and then they stay there for weeks or even months unnoticed. At the end of several years of faithful service, your vehicle might be the home to a range of personal stuff, from vital documents like insurance cards to pieces of jewellery. Actually, it is quite common for car owners to “misplace” something, search it everywhere else, and then find it in the storage components of the car. Before you sell your car, you should remove your personal belongings from the car. Once your vehicle is sold, you may not be able to get back anything that was left inside. So, you should make sure that nothing important fell into these areas.

  1. Remove license plates

Perhaps you may keep wondering what is the point of removing license plates from a car that is going to be crushed within a few days. Well, the value of license plates does not decrease even when the car stops to work. Removing license plates from a car upon transfer of ownership is a legal requirement in several states and you may be asked to provide the plates when you apply to cancel the title.

  1. Cancel your vehicle insurance

Cancelling the insurance of your car ensures that your carrier won’t have to make any recurring payments before the policy expires. If you had paid for full coverage in advance, you will be refunded that amount. Even if your coverage is almost up and if you feel that there is nothing to lose, it is still crucial to notify your carrier. It helps to maintain a good business relationship, and a better relationship means you could qualify for discounts or special offers in the future when you go for buying recycled auto parts.

So, follow these steps before you opt for one of the reputable wreckers Dandenong and sell your car to them.

Author bio: Thomas Atkinson, a regular blogger on wreckers Dandenong, here, writes on the steps to follow before you sell your old car to Melbourne wreckers.