4 Calgary Wedding Photography Tips to Remember for Shooting the Groom

For the wedding album, the main focus usually goes on the bride. However, the groom should not be left alone from the limelight. Moreover, it is the photographer’s job to find the perfect moments for a beautiful album. To start your career as a wedding photographer with a bang, you need to maintain a list. If there is one wrong pose in the list, it will leave a negative influence. In many cases, the wrong pose can even make the perfect couple look awkward or clumsy. Additionally, the right pose or frame can blemish the visible flaws in a magnificent wedding picture.

In Calgary wedding photography, the professionals make sure that the groom is as comfortable as the bride before the camera. There are elements that are known to photographers only. The first tip that a professional must remember is to make sure what he/she wants. At this time, the couple might not care but the photographer should. In no time, the couple will realize that the photos last forever. So, the client always wants to know two things (photo style and cost) before everything. To understand how you should prepare for photographing the groom, go through the following section.

  • Choose the Style before Everything Else

Wedding photography is all about flaunting enticing styles. Now, the photographers usually roam back and forth between bright and airy, dark and moody and natural-looking. If you have worked on these themes before, you can present the portfolio to the client. Of course, the photo editing plays a huge role in setting the moods but it is all in the camera too.

  • It’s all about Preparations

Just like the way a bride’s preparations often make the best frames, the groom is not much behind. Enter the groom’s room when he is getting ready. At this time, you can take wide and close shots from different angles. It is better to progress without flash and you can only rely on the natural light. The eye-blinding flash creates a distraction for the groom.

  • Work Hard on Groom Portraits

Related to the previous point, the groom portraits are best during the preparation. At this time, you can shoot how the groom’s friends are helping him get ready. Additionally, you can take a few solo shots where the groom is getting ready all by himself. Focus on facial expressions and create a distinction between serious expressions and smiles. Or, you can instruct the groom to change the eye direction and choose between glancing off to a side and looking right into the camera. After catching a few semi-candid shots, you can take formal portraits. You can use the same location or lighting style. At this time, you need to bring out the dramatic effect, pay attention to the flattering expressions and capture the accurate hand placement.

  • As the Bride Walks down the Aisle

When the bride walks down the aisle, the expression on the groom is worth capturing. It is one of the most romantic moments that a photographer will ever find. Needless to say, this is a moment to treasure forever.

When you are well aware of the poses and situations that are favourable for the groom, you can contribute to a beautiful wedding album. For more shoots, you can keep an eye on the blog posts.

Author bio: Scarlett Lawrence is a professional photographer who always helps amateur photographers to learn how to execute a wedding assignment. Here, she talks about the tips that Calgary wedding photography follows for shooting the grooms.