4 Awesome Things to Do to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO


Blogging is one of the important aspects of SEO. Publishing blog posts on the regular basis, gives you the opportunity to target a large number of long-tail keywords, bring more visitors to your website, and provides other websites something to link back to. Producing content for a blog post is important but to go an extra mile for your SEO efforts, you have to take some extra steps for optimizing your blog posts.

Are you wondering how to make your posts go further with the search engines? Here, we have put together a few things that you can do to optimize your blog posts. Take a look.

1. Do keyword research

Keyword research is one of the first things that you have to focus on while developing a blog strategy for Search Engine Optimization because it helps to figure out the types of topics that your audience is interested in. For each of the blog that you write, it is better to use a primary keyword along with a few secondary or similar keywords. You should use these in the post where relevant, but make sure that it comes naturally. Don’t ever try to use a keyword forcefully where it does not make any sense – the search engines frown on keyword stuffing and can penalize your website for this. And with Google’s use of latent semantic indexing, you can use similar or synonymous terms in place of the exact ones. So, always focus on keyword research before you start blogging.

2. Focus on rich results

Once you have your target keywords, head to Google and do some searches for the keywords. Different types of searches now include rich results on the SERP. If your search for a particular keyword produces a featured snippet, or if several organic results include video thumbnails, images, or other rich information, then you should make sure you are optimizing your content to complete all those things. In some of the cases, it means adding schema markup to your webpage. Moreover, it also means changing the way you structure your content to compete for the featured snippet. So, you have to find out what you are competing for or against to create the right kind of content to beat others.

3. Choose the post title carefully

One of the main aspects of the page that the popular search engines like Google pay attention to is what the page title is all about. And for this, you have to be careful when choosing the title of the post. You should include the primary keyword in the title in such a way that it makes sense. If you use it in a way that confuses your readers, then the click-through rate will decrease, and it will hurt your SEO. Moreover, include eye-catching terms along with numbers in the title so that users are interested to click on it.

4. Choose tags and categories strategically

Blogs allow you to create tags as well as categories, which help you to group the related posts together. It is both a useful navigation aid for the users browsing your blog, and a tool that you can use for SEO. Evert tag or category that you use creates a new page which will include the name of the category or tag in the URL, along with a lot of relevant links and content on the page. So, think carefully which tags to use, and then choose the category.

These are some of the things that you can do to make your blog one of the top Australian SEO blogs, and drive more traffic to your website. And to get SEO services, opt for a reputable SEO agency today.

Author Bio: Henry Smith, a popular blogger on internet marketing, here focuses on a few things that will help you to make your blog one of the top Australian SEO blogs.

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