3 terrific Lead Generation Ideas to swiftly fill the Sales Funnel

Lead Generation

The number of new customers is the factor on which business growth depends. That’s the main reason why organisations always strive to get maximum leads in the sales funnel. With time, the lead generation process has become an onerous task for business owners.

To increase the availability of leads in the sales funnel, businesses generally take the help of a specialised service provider like a lead generation call centre.

But businesses can generate quality leads on their own if they take the following tips into consideration:

1.    Create enticing videos

Creating enticing product-explainer videos can really help to fill the sales funnel with quality leads. It is so because 65% of netizens are visual learners. Generally, people go online and search for videos about the product that they are going to buy. After watching captivating videos, people/prospects get the idea about the functionality of the product, which consequently, leads to a quick purchase decision.

Therefore, if you are handling the lead generation process by yourself, create videos about the products that you are selling. In addition, it is advisable to create video series as one-off ones may not help to get the desired number of leads.

Apart from that, all the created videos should be gated so as to get the data (related to prospects) that is required for the lead nurturing process. And it is imperative to note that the lead generation form should appear just before the beginning of the second half of videos. This is so because if prospects find the lead generation form at the start of the videos, they may quit watching, and this can affect the whole lead generation process.

2.    Create evergreen content

In today’s modern era, no one can ignore the significance of content marketing when it comes to generating quality leads. It is so because high-quality content (related to products/services) often grabs the attention of potential customers. Therefore, it is fundamental to create evergreen content.

Obviously, developing in-depth content demands a lot of time but it would surely help to draw traffic for a long duration since its publish date. How to create evergreen content? Here’re some tips that are worthy to consider:

  • Choose topics from FAQs (frequently asked questions).
  • Make sure that everything from the title to the conclusion is eye-catching.
  • Include high-quality images in your write-ups.
  • Put 2 to 3 keywords that contain URL as this would increase the footfall of website visitors.

In order to leave no stone unturned, all the created write-ups should be gated. In addition, it is significant to remember that lighter content such as images, infographics, etc. shouldn’t be gated as this can affect the lead generation process.

Have you already tried content marketing but didn’t get the desired results? We suggest you join hands with a reputed lead generation call centre.

3.    Start sharing alluring posts on SM platforms

There was a time when social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. were mainly used for entertainment purpose. At the present time, however, social media platforms are used as a lead generation tool owing to the high presence of potential customers.

By means of public platforms, a myriad of leads can be added into the sales funnel. But for this, it is vital to draw the attention of social media users towards products/services. This can be done by only sharing alluring posts on SM platforms.

Here are some suggestions that should be taken into consideration:

  • Write attention-grabbing description before sharing any post.
  • Add relevant hashtags to increase the reach of your posts.
  • Include links that can redirect social media users to the company’s website.
  • Always give a courteous response to comments as this would help to establish the bond of trust.

Well, social media marketing can really do wonders while generating leads but it demands undivided attention that may distract businesses from core competencies. Here, getting in touch with a reputed lead generation call centre could be proved a sagacious decision.


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