The Spanish Society of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery has developed a decalogue with very practical advice to prevent them. Do you dare to follow them?

Tips for Wrinke
It is, possibly, one of the aesthetic problems that most concern women (even, now, also men , although they often refuse to acknowledge it), and also one of the reasons why women are more frequently approached. aesthetic medicine clinics. But, believe it or not, wrinkles are the visible consequence of the way you have treated your skin over time. If you want to prevent them and enjoy a smoother and younger skin , take note of the advice offered by the Spanish Society of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery ; They are valid for any age, whether you are at maturity or still enjoy young skin:

  • Protects your skin from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, because it is harmful to the skin. Too much sun will accelerate the process of cutaneous aging and the appearance of wrinkles, one of its main stigmas. Sunscreen creams are recommended for optimal protection of the face. And if applicable, use sunglasses, a brimmed hat or visor, and clothing that protects you from the sun.
  • Avoid the artificial ‘solariums’. If you want a golden skin tone, try cosmetics tanners or self-tanning creams. You avoid risks and the results are spectacular.
  • If you smoke, definitively quit tobacco. This harmful habit not only affects your heart  and lungs, but the toxins in cigarette smoke also cause damage to the skin. Various studies have shown that the skin of smokers wrinkles before, and that they are more prone to skin cancer.
  • Avoid quick weight changes. Although fast diets are fashionable, people who have drastic weight changes  are also shrinking and stretching their skin. As we age our skin loses its elasticity, and can not recover its tone and vitality after each new change.
  • Drink water: at least two liters each day, especially outside meals. It is vital to maintain the body and, naturally, the skin hydrated. In addition, drinking a lot ensures the proper elimination of undesirable toxins. Without enough water, your skin will dehydrate, with an effect very similar to that of a grape when it becomes a raisin for lack of liquid base.
  • Eat well: a rich, varied and balanced diet is good for the whole organism. Basically carbohydrates in the morning and at noon (they are the source of the energy you need to function); and proteins at night (to rebuild cells and organs, including the skin, which wears during the day).
  • Use corrective lenses, if you need them; When necessary do not forget sunglasses . Avoid certain compensatory or protective facial expressions, especially periocular, which are cause of wrinkles. The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and fragile, and this is precisely where the first facial wrinkles often appear as a result of repetitive muscle contractions. In addition, sunglasses protect the periocular regions of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Sleep on your back; If it is not your usual position, at least try incorporating the mattress discreetly. Possibly, you had not thought about it, but people who sleep on their sides tend to wake up with lines and marks on their skin. Over time, due to continued trauma, they can become permanent.
  • Avoid stressing Surely, this advice may be the most difficult to respect, but it is a well-known fact that stress causes a large number of skin problems. It is very common for people to frown, squeeze their jaws and grimace without really realizing it. Strive consciously to relax the facial muscles.
  • Use the appropriate dermocosmetics recommended by professionals. Fundamentally the skin needs cleaning, hydration, nutrition and protection ; but do not neglect the quality and the way to use cosmetic products.

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