You Must Call a Commercial Electrician 3 Times

The commercial electricians at Goodship Ltd want to make sure you know the difference between a domestic electrician and a commercial electrician.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that all electricians are the same, but the truth is that they differ based on the complexity and nature of electrical tasks required for the home and in a commercial building.

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The Complexity of the Electrical System of a Commercial Building

  • The electrical layout of a residential building is very different from the layout of a commercial building.
  • Commercial buildings often require circuits and transformers that can handle a higher level of electricity, and larger and more complicated electrical systems.
  • Wondering if you should call a commercial or household electrician? The answer is simple: if an electrical emergency has occurred in a commercial building, company, warehouse, office or factory, you need a commercial electrician.
  • Of course, if it is an emergency, you must also ensure that the electrician you choose offers a quick response service so that they can come to the site as quickly as possible to investigate and solve your problem.
  • However, when you call the emergency electrician, make sure that he is able to deal with the often heavy electrical systems of a commercial property.
  • We don’t want you to think that residential electricians are less capable electricians. They are just as good at their job as a commercial electrician.
  • It is just that an electrician in a home is trained to look for different problems and to overcome other power needs than an electrician.
  • Which ultimately means that an electrician who work only on domestic property can be out of his or her field when called for commercial real estate.
  1. Power Failure at Work – Contact a Commercial Electrician

  • We often hear our customers ask why they can’t just call an electrician for a power outage.
  • We always hear the same question. “It’s all the same, isn’t it – it’s just a power outage.”
  • Commercial buildings require a completely different electrical arrangement because they have to bear a higher energy load.
  • This means that when a residential electrician looks at an electrical layout of commercial properties, they are not equipped with the right knowledge to find and resolve the cause of the problem.
  • Indeed, in some cases hiring a household electrician to deal with a commercial power outage can ultimately do more harm than good.
  • In that sense, it will cost you much more money in the long run because you may have to hire a commercial electrician to repair the damage caused by the residential electrician.
  1. Electric Fire Hazard – Make Sure Your Emergency Electrician Is Also an Experienced Commercial Electrician

  • When an electrical fire starts at home, it is usually caused by faulty wiring, extension cords or even the use of the wrong light bulbs.
  • In the workplace, however, an electric fire can be caused by a number of different other problems.
  • A commercial electrician is trained to identify a wider range of possible causes for an electrical fire.
  • The equipment itself may, for example, be defective and cause an electric fire.
  • If the problem lies in the wiring of the building itself, you don’t want an electrician trying to fix it.
  • As we have said, commercial buildings and domestic buildings are completely wired differently and for separate purposes.
  • A commercial electrician understands how commercial buildings are cabled and knows what to look out for to solve the problem and prevent it from happening again in the future.
  1. Safety Switch Switches off – Call An Electrician As Soon As Possible

There are three main reasons why a safety switch turns off:

  • Damaged wiring
  • Defective devices or machines
  • Broken safety switches

Now we know what you think – all these problems can affect a home.

So isn’t it logical that an electrician in the home could solve this problem in a commercial building?

To touch a theme that you may have picked up in this blog residential and commercial electrical system and the needs they meet are completely different.

Wiring a commercial building requires different skills than wiring a residential building. This means that solving a problem in the wiring of a residential building may require different skills than a commercial building.

It is important to ensure that you have a commercial emergency electrician’s number to hand so that you are always prepared for an electrical emergency.

Need an emergency electrician who is also an experienced commercial electrician?

Call Goodship Ltd Electrical today!

Our team at Goodship Ltd offers both commercial and emergency services for electricians to the people of Aylesbury.

We are proud to offer quality service to all our customers by:

  • Reliable
  • Polite
  • On time
  • Recognized

We have more than 10 years of experience in offering a range of electrical services to our customers and just like you, our community is important to us.

That is why we have an environmentally friendly service and support charities where possible.

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If you are looking for a fast-responding commercial electrician that you can count on in an emergency, contact us today.

You can call our team 24/7 on 01908 920292 or work online with us!

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