Yoga Poses For Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain can be an acute ailment that finds common occurrence in this ultra-modern life. Whether you are an adult, aged or teenager, the way you lead your life can play an important role in the healthy growth of your knee. Rupture of the ligament, bone degeneration, torn cartilage can bring down your productivity.

Apart from the usual wear and tear, your knee can be affected by the use of steroids, diuretics as well as other substance abuse. When suffering from knee issues, swelling and stiffness are the most common signs. Yoga, when incorporated into the daily life schedule, can help in healing the issues ailing you for a long time while treating your knee health. Let’s understand some easy yoga poses to provide knee pain relief.


Also known as the supported chair pose, it helps strengthen the hamstrings, quadriceps and the abductors. With increase in the flow of blood to the lower half of the body, you get an effective pose in yoga for knee pain. It tends to help with maintenance of fluidity in the body. The typical practice here is to do it away from the while with more strength dedicated from your behalf. However, if your knees aren’t capable enough to handle the stress, try to perform the exercise with the support of the wall. Repeat this pose 4 to 5 times for proper benefit from the same.

Setu Bandhasana:

Setu Bandhasana is also known as Bridge Pose which helps in proper knee alignment with a strengthening effect to your glues, hamstrings and back. If you are looking for a pose in yoga for joint pain, Setu bandhasana can be a great asana for your knee health. This asana works on building the strength of your lower back and help you perform the heaviest task at hand without causing your knees to pain. Make sure you put your weight in the correctly balanced position. Improper pressure on the legs can aggravate the pain rather than heal it.

Ardha Chandrasana:

This particular balancing pose tends to be very beneficial yoga for knee pain relief with muscle build up that helps you knee carry your body weight with ease. It is one of the best yoga for knee pain. It works on the strengthening of your core muscles and introducing flexibility for the same. Always make sure you breathe in an inhale-exhale pattern while getting in and out of the pose to ensure that your muscles get the chance to breathe properly. Refrain from holding your breath.


The Mountain Pose teaches you proper body alignment to keep away the knee injuries or unwanted pain. It makes your body aware of the actual muscle strength and helps in engagement of each muscle for the protection of your knee. Make sure you hold this pose for at least 10 consecutive breaths. Make sure your face is parallel to the ground. Make sure you feel your abs getting tighter with each stretch.


Popularly known as the triangle pose, this particular asana is one of the easiest yoga poses for knee pain. The issue with most people that suffer from knee pain is the fact that their outer quadriceps is stronger than the inner ones which creates an imbalance in the body to carry the weight which introduces pain in the knees. Trikonasana strengthens your back muscles while introducing proper body alignment.

Upavistha Konasana:

Stretching makes up the most important part of knee pain removal with yoga asanas. The Upavistha Konasana can help you stretch your legs without causing much discomfort. This pose introduces flexibility in the body without causing any extra pain or knee weakness.


Sukhasana is a great pose for the knees. It is mostly practiced before the end and beginning of each yoga session while performing meditation to prepare your body to fight against the daily hectic schedule and maintain the body stature without causing any kind of pain. It stretches your knees and ankles. Try to maintain this position for at least 2-3 minutes and breathe in a consecutive pattern. Feel the air inside your body reaching various parts while you meditate.

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