Wow Her This Valentine’s Day with These Amazing Gifts

Valentine’s Day is that one holiday that comes with its set of prescribed gift ideas. Every year, people seek to serenade their lovers with the same ol’ presents a bouquet of red roses, a box of chocolates, maybe even a plush toy now and then. While we all love the idea of expressing our feelings with traditional and classic gift choices, there is a plethora of alternatives out there – alternatives that are more thoughtful and meaningful.

No matter if you and your sweetheart have been together for ten years or ten months, Valentine’s Day is the day you can show her how much you love and care for her. It is the day you can truly spoil her with gifts that not only embody all that she loves but also everything that you love about her. To help you with that, we have made a list of some of the most awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas to woo your inamorata this year.

1. Luxury watches

One of the greatest gifts you can give your significant other is the promise and commitment to spend more time together. And what better way to express that than with a gorgeous luxury watches to adorn her wrist? Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day-worthy timepieces that you can pick from:

a) Bulova Women’s Crystal Watch
If your lover is a lover of all things bold and beautiful, then this gorgeous timepiece by Bulova is the perfect choice for them. It is a watch that blends together classic design and a statement-making style that is enhanced by the Swarovski crystals encrusted on the gold-tone case.

b) Calvin Klein Women’s Agile Watch
Calvin Klein watches are the epitome of minimalist elegance. This Agile watch with its rose gold detailing and bracelet-like straps can be paired with any outfit on any occasion. It is sophisticated, versatile and a great gift option for those who value finesse and subtlety in their accessories.

c) Seiko Women’s Chronograph Watch
Seiko offers tasteful and refined elegance in dress watches for women, and this glamorous chronograph watch exemplifies that. With its understated gold-toned case and classic dial, it offers a stylish yet timeless appeal.

2. Exquisite fragrances

Among the most popular romantic gifts for her, perfume ranks pretty high and rightfully so. Perfume makes for an intimate Valentine’s Day gift as it is something that you can wear every day. Here is a list of romantic fragrances for women that can fit a range of tastes and budgets:

a) Flora Glamorous Magnolia by Gucci 
Glamorous Magnolia is springtime in a bottle. It was launched as a part of the Flora by Gucci Garden Collection. It celebrates the beautiful magnolia in all its aspects: its brilliant freshness, soft petals, and a persisting feminine sensuality. With its light and pretty fragrance, this perfume is almost like a dupe of the flower. Gift it to that special woman in your life, and trust us, she will love it as much as she loves you!

b) AMARIGE by Givenchy 
Its name is an anagram of the word ‘marriage’, which is French for ‘marriage’, and that is why this perfume exudes an intense fragrance, which reflects the strong bond of marriage. It is sweet, irresistible and unforgettable, like the moments in a happy marriage. With strong floral and fruity notes, it is the perfume of choice for all the playful, endearing women in love. If you know that your girlfriend is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, Amarige by Givenchy is a great Valentine’s Day gift.

c) 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera 
This perfume is sensual. It is sophisticated. It also carries an alluring mystery. 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera is a passionate blend of tangerine and bergamot, with hints of florals infused in between, and will surely impress your lover. It has been designed to essentially complement the sophisticated sensuality that characterizes every woman.

3. Elegant jewelry

While searching for awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas, you will surely come across suggestions to give jewelry. While gifting jewelry is a seemingly dated idea, it is still very sweet and personal. No matter what kind of style or taste your Valentine has, she will surely appreciate the thought you put into finding the perfect piece of jewelry as a romantic gift for her. Here are some options for you pick from:

a) Made In Italy 18K/925 Gold Plated Silver Bracelet
A gold plated silver bracelet is a beautiful and simple piece of jewelry that makes for a great V-Day present. With its subtle yellow color, the bracelet is eye-catching without being overly loud. The best part about this piece is that it is ideal for everyday wear so your significant other can flaunt your love on her wrist wherever she goes.

b) 925 Sterling Silver Heart Ring With Genuine Diamonds
If you want to give your partner a non-engagement ring for Valentine’s Day this year, this stunning sterling silver heart ring will surely make her swoon. The design is a twist on the traditional engagement ring with its heart-shaped central piece and whimsical band. Although, you need to care about the size when buying a ring so make sure you find your partner’s ring size beforehand to avoid making a purchase that you will later regret.

c) Made in Italy 14K Yellow Gold Heart Necklace
Whether she chooses to wear it alone or by layering it with other neckpieces, this dainty yellow gold heart necklace is a charming expression of your love. What’s more, it is a timeless and versatile design that is a great addition to her jewelry collection. The small heart-shaped pendant adds just that hint of sparkle enough to brighten up her everyday looks.