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Women fashion in dc – online shopping for women – Order a wide range of customized dresses&plus size women fashion, customized African clothing in DC & Maryland.

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I am Natalie, also known as Bella. Growing up on the beautiful sunny island of St. Lucia (Located in the Caribbean), I always dreamt of traveling the world to “sew”. At the age of 5, “Fashion” was the furthest thing from my mind; all I knew how to do was sew. I wanted to re-create clothes and make them look “nicer”. I always saw everyone’s clothes as being “blah”, “boring”, “out of style”, “Sa led”as we would say in St. Lucian Patois also known to many as Creole (English Translation; ugly lol). I started my sewing journey at 5 years by hand stitching. I would purposely cut up family members clothes to “re-vamp” them and that’s how Bella’s Unique Creations and Designs was born. Although I got in trouble mostly every time, that never stopped me. I knew in my mind that I was destined to be great at my passion. I moved to the island of St. Croix, USVI at the age of 16, when I stumbled upon my first sewing machine. Mind you, I have never used one and still didn’t have access to the ones I saw at that time. It took me watching videos to learn how to operate this captivating man-made piece of equipment. While folks dreamt to go to Disney, I was dreaming of owning a sewing machine. It took several years for me to own one and when I did, there I knew I had to become even greater at my passion.

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