A winter Culinary Sojourn!!

It’s finally that special time of the year again; the familiar Christmas tunes and holiday jingles playing on your favorite radio stations and for the much of Himalayas, gone is the warmth of the sun as the chilly breeze starts to kick in. Before you decide to spend this winter the exact same way you’ve done in the past, then think different and head to the Himalayas and to Sonamarg that has enchanting winter wonderland looks as if it came out right off the pages of the magical fairy tales. Chances are you won’t believe your eyes that this undiscovered gem even existed! What is even more impressive is the taste of the simple yet flavorsome Kashmiri cuisine.Since no one can argue that the best reasons to visit Kashmir is to enjoy plenty of its finest delicacies, why not take your gastronomic adventure a notch and travel to the Villa Himalaya – a charming hotel where you learn to know much about the spices (and use a lot of it). , This way you will be sure that the food you enjoy here will tantalize and sometimes challenge your taste buds (in a good way)! Indulge yourself with delicacies such as Harrisa (an overnight cooked dish, made of rice and minced lamb and eaten with local flat bread). Kehwa (a popular saffron laced drink with a tint of spices in it) and mutton balls in yogurt sauce. All in all, be prepared for a culinary journey that is like no other!


The cuisine of Kashmir has been highly influenced by the Persian style of cooking with some additions from the Central Asian Steppes of the Silk route. Apart from the spices, the main basis of this mouthwatering cuisine is cheese; yogurt and meat (specially lamb). A great variety of traditional foods that the chefs at Villa Himalaya prepare during the cold season are; Roganjosh (Lamb in red curry), Farie (dried fish with tomatoes), Haak-Maaz (Leafy vegetables with lamb) and roasted chicken with potatoes.


Another aspect of the Kashmiri cuisine that you can experience is the street food. The best of the vale is enjoying the exotic authentic flavors of the local street food vendors. These foods are made by local cooks who sell their scrumptious delights on the broad streets and corners, by the lake or around winter markets. For the best head to the Khayam lane famous for its spit roasted lambs  and chicken cubes cooked on open air “live charcoal ovens” which are then served with delicious flat breads, pickles, reddish-n-onion chutneys and walnut and yogurt sauces. In short a Kashmiri food focused holiday will definitely not disappoint and without further ado The Villa Himalaya will undoubtedly make this winter one to remember for many years to come!

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