Why Thailand Background Check Matters for Your Company

Once a wrong applicant steps into your company, it may lead to the downfall of your company that has been built brick-by-brick for years. Therefore, every startup or well-established company should perform a mandatory pre-employment screening and background check Thailand before recruiting any candidate in the company. Additionally, a wrong candidate may have a criminal history which can put your company into serious jeopardy. Therefore, a criminal background check is one of the most important steps of background check Thailand. An applicant that has an extensive criminal history of fraud, sexual harassment, theft or misdemeanor offenses may harm your existing employees and company assets and hiring this candidate will make you regret later. Thus, hiring Background Verification services is a great way to ensure the safety and security of your company. There are several legal firms that offer services like pre-employment screening and background check Thailand.

To ensure company safety and reliability of employees, certain background check Thailand should be performed before hiring any candidate in your company:

  • Employee’s employment history is the primary thing that you need to consider during a pre-employment screening process. This will help you get an idea of your applicant’s behavior, capabilities, stability, performance, and other things that are relevant to you.
  • Verification of the hiring dates, job titles in previous companies, and reason for leaving directly from payroll and Human Resources records
  • All the information obtained from the screening should be verified with the claims on the job applicant’s consent forms
  • Verification of educational qualifications of the candidate (including Name of Candidate as per University, College or School, Name and complete address of University, College or School, Dates attended or graduation date, Exact name of the degree earned like B.Sc./B. Com/B.A. etc., Roll Number/Registration Number/Hall Ticket Number, Copy of Certificate, Degree or Diploma, Copy of release or Authorization ).
  • Evaluate if the candidate is competent, honest, trustworthy and qualified for the position.
  • Criminal background check to find if the candidate is a violent felon, sex offender, notorious repeat offender, or embezzler.
  • Pre-marital record verification to get most of the required information about your would-be employee.

Companies should realize that hiring a new employee means bring in a new member in your family. Therefore, such crucial decisions should be taken carefully after extensive screening. They may hire a private investigator that will help in pre-employment background check Thailand professionally.

How Do Background Check Thailand Services Help?

Hiring a professional Thailand Background Check service can help you understand your job applicant more intimately before recruiting him/her in your company. Their discreet surveillance will help you

  • Secure your company from potential hazards caused by under-qualified, unethical and employees with an extensive criminal history.
  • Protect your existing staff, customers, associates and other stakeholders against any mishappening.
  • Protect your company’s reputation from being ruined.
  • Prevent expensive court proceedings caused due to misconduct of your employee
  • Reduce staff turnover, hiring, and industry training costs
  • Protect company assets and confidential data from theft in the company and occupational fraudulence

Over to You

So, now when you know why Background Check Thailand is important for your company, it is wise to conduct a pre-employment background check before recruiting any candidate for your company to mitigate the potential risks that might demolish your entire empire.