Why Sleeve Boxes Had Been So Popular Till Now?

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Sleeve boxes are like a casing and enhance the look of the overall packaging. We provide you different styles of the boxes such as die cut boxes and window boxes with transparent front. The sleeve boxes are available in every design. We provide with the high-quality sleeve boxes at affordable rates. Our boxes have a premium packaging that gives your product a high-end look. Our boxes are durable and made of high-quality. We guaranteed the quality of our sleeve boxes.

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Most Functional and Protective Sleeve Boxes

We offer you various designs and unique shapes of the boxes. Our boxes are cost-effective and durable. We use different types of cardboard to make these boxes such as thick cardboard and paper cardboard. Thick cardboard is thick in size and paper cardboard is thin but easily convertible to any shape and design. We are exploded with the new ideas for your precious products. We listen to your requirements carefully and work according to the requisites. Nowadays, people are much more concerned about the packaging than the product itself. Because a good packaging reflects the quality of a product. We try our best to give your product a premium packaging that will help you to build your trust in the eyes of customers.

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Packaging sleeves on wholesale within the minimum turnaround time

iCustomBoxes offers you a great range of custom designs for various types of packaging boxes. The most popular among those designs are sleeve boxes. As it is defined by its name that a tray is slid into the box which makes it a sleeve box. We offer full customization to our clients. We help you to build your brand name in the market. Today’s customer is very conscious about his choices. He is more concerned about the look of the product then the actual product. That is why we have worked hard to develop new ideas in a very short time, for your packaging. Our designs are totally new and distinctive, which you will never find anywhere else.

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Sleeve boxes are the unique way to present products

These boxes give your product a unique look. The material which we used in our manufacturing process is of high-quality. The material is recyclable. We offer different features in our sleeve boxes such as lid covers which gives it more uniqueness and make it a graceful product. We also offer unique ideas of artwork for your boxes to increase their worth. Such as different stuff printed on your boxes, gives it a high-end look. You can use these sleeve boxes for a different purpose. You can pack different products in these boxes. Our boxes are made from high-quality cardboard which is cost-effective.


Sleeve cardboard boxes are the brand enhancers

Sleeve boxes are considered as a protection for products. Our boxes have proper branding space which allows you to print your logo and product related information on different sides of a box. These boxes can help you to enhance your brand image. The cost-effectiveness is an important factor which can increase its sale and can help to grow in the market.

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