Which Mascara Should You Pick

Whether you prefer a full face of makeup or the natural approach, there’s one area of your face that you’ll want to draw attention to if you wish to look your best. It’s your eyes. These are not only the windows to the soul but also one of the first things that people notice about your face.

There’s no better way to draw attention to the eyes than with mascara. Dark fluttery eyelashes emphasize the eyes and show forth their best features. Mascara is a makeup item that you simply can’t do without it.


Not all mascaras are created equal. There are different formulations designed for different types of lashes. They also come with different brushes and in different shades. With so many options available, it can seem overwhelming to decide about which mascara to choose for your lashes. We’ve broken it down here to help you find the perfect match.

Types of mascara

Lengthening mascara

If you have short lashes, you should look for the best lengthening mascara you can find. Lengthening mascara will help your lashes to appear longer than they are. The brushes that get included in this type of mascara have bristles that are like combs. It allows for the mascara to be applied onto the lashes from root to end. Every strand will adequately get covered with the mascara. However, these formulations won’t weigh down on the lashes or give a thickening effect. They do, however, result in a more dramatic and fluttery effect.


Curling mascara

These are great for those that already have long lashes and only want to achieve that fluttery look. Curling mascara will help to curl straight lashes. It’s a great option, especially if you don’t like the thought of using a lash curler. They will help you avoid damaging your lashes or even worse pinching your lid. Curling mascara helps to lift and shape the lashes.

Volumizing mascara

Are your lashes scanty? If you’re looking for bigger and thicker lashes, volumizing mascara is the way to go. This type of mascara will help to make your eyelashes appear thicker. The brushes included with this type of mascara are often dense. They help to pack on more of the formula and are also great for plumping up individual strands of hair for a thicker look. For best results, apply more than one coat of the mascara to get as much volume as possible. It should get done while the mascara is still wet to avoid flaking or clumping of the layers.

Bonus tip

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a crier or you’re heading out to the gym for a sweaty workout before going to work, it’s a good idea to invest in waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara doesn’t smudge or run when exposed to moisture. These unique formulations help to repel moisture. However, to remove the mascara, you would need a cleansing balm or any other cleanser that is oil-based. Be sure to massage it over your eyes gently to avoid damaging your eyelashes. Rinse it away, and gently wipe your eyes with cotton pads.

The best luxury cosmetic brands offer waterproof mascara in the different mascara categories. For example, if you want to achieve fluttery eyelashes when you have short lashes, you can buy the best lengthening waterproof mascara to do so.

Having trouble figuring out which mascara is right for you? Hopefully, learning about the different types of mascara and how they can be applied to achieve different looks will help you determine which mascara will suit your needs best.