When To Wear leather Jackets And Pants?

At last! It has been decided to change that style to a more elegant one by carrying the most interesting routine!

Leather pants have been in the range of many people’s favorites for decades, but for those who start with this new “look” they will wonder how to combine it with other garments, and although it reads incredible, the pants of Leather can be taken to the office and will continue to look totally professional!

It seems to me that the leggings, and specifically the faux fur leggings, are flattering, comfortable and elegant, so they naturally fit my daily rotation. And because I present them so often, I have received several requests to create a style guide on how to get the best leather leggings with my tips and what to wear with leather leggings. As such, I decided to put together an important summary of all my leather leggings sets for everyone, along with what should be done and what should not be done to use them.

This garment goes with almost all kinds of occasions, to go on a date, to go to work, to go to an interview, for a meeting with friends, going out to the movies. But beware! do not take them to a night party, weddings and tropical or extremely hot places. Here are some tips to get an idea of   how to use or combine them:

Creating the perfect outfit for leather leggings

First order of the day: remember that they are leggings, not typical pants! You must make sure that what you are wearing is long in tunic and covers the necessary areas (ha!). I feel that this is the most important advice when it comes to wearing this look and sets of leggings in general, so I wanted to address it. Also, all the outfit ideas below are with this in mind, so every time I mention a style, I assume you wear a long robe anyway!

Opt for the color black

Regardless of whether you decide on genuine or synthetic leather pants, the material does not have much relevance here as well as leather jackets, and it is also much cheaper and easier to find them in the market than genuine leather ones.

It is important to bet on black leather pants because it not only combines with many colors and is an ally of corporate blouses as well as casual blouses, but some imperfections that stand out with other light colors can be hidden.

Now that if you opt for some leggings, make sure they are strictly your size because it is only enough that they look a little sharp so that they lose all the elegance that you want to reach, looking so good, with a somewhat neglected look .

Avoid the combination of leather with shiny accessories

Leather pants should not be combined with brightly textured pieces, such as beads, sequins or brightly squeaky colors as they break with the elegance that leather gives and as a result, we would be somewhat misplaced not to say that we would be bordering on ridiculous.

Be careful with the shape of your butt

Taking this as such, it is not strictly a disadvantage to have a huge butt on the contrary! but we are talking about a type of bodies that fit the leather pants and that already, this material once placed, will increase the volume even more, so, it is never too much to inspect how the rear looks .

On the contrary, if you are one of those who think that some meat, gym and discipline are needed, they can always be combined with a blouse, sweater, a coat or a walk that reaches the height of the hips or below, This not only helps to hide your insecurities, on the contrary, they will make you look more “fashion” and relaxed to your casual day to day.

Combine leather leggings

Leather pants or leather leggings, have a quite strong personality, it is important to know When  To Wear leather Jackets And Pants? in order to achieve a classic “look”, it is important to combine them with plain and light tops or white blouses corporate and super feminine shoes like Federico or booties.

What you should not do with leather …

It is better to avoid the full leather look since it will make us look as if we were leaving a video game, or as if we were going to a Halloween party apart that will make you look like a person who has nothing to taste and very little imagination.

What it does, is to combine a Black leather Jackets garment with accessories of the same material, whether belts, bracelets, watches or chokers.