What to do with your train time?

If you find yourself on a long train journey, you will have a lot of time at hand. Sometimes it could be a long boring journey, at times you might meet interesting people, and here are some of the ways to spend your train time. By looking at the train times, you have to plan your journey and the means to kill time.

You can call or text friends and waiting relatives until the other passengers arrive and the train finally departs. This way you will cut down some pre-travel boredom. As the train starts to move, don’t be in a hurry to take out your charge of clothes or food. Take some time and swing into the surrounding and experience the gentle sway of the train.


Be polite to other passengers. If you are a friendly person, make use of the opportunity and befriend someone and talk to them. If you like serenity, just lay back and contemplate. You could just introduce yourself and ask your co passenger’s names and do your own thing.


You could bring your favourite snacks and munch them on the journey. Make sure you are not carrying perishable food, and if you do make sure to consume them before they decay.


Pick a new book or an engaging old one, or you may just buy a newspaper from the station beforehand. If you take a paper though, don’t forget that you’ll probably finish it faster than a book, so it won’t keep you entertained for much time


The best thing you can do on a train journey is to listen to music and lose yourself to the beat. A comprehensive playlist to suit the mood and the scenery outside will go a long way to reduce your boredom. Make sure you know that the device’s battery is limited.


Solve the Sudoku in the paper, or the crossword puzzle. You can play games on your phone or tablet.  Cards games are also an option if you have the right company.

Or could simply, open the window and enjoy the wind. Think about life.

Draw! Write!

Bring your sketchbook or journal, and you could draw or write about whatever comes to your mind.


Click snaps of the scenery racing past you to preserve the moments forever. The Indian train is full of interesting people, and the Indian countryside is a beautiful sight, you could spend your time capturing these things.


You could use the time to catch some sleep. You would be surprised how fast time went by when you wake up. Sleeper coaches have comfortable berths, and you could slip into sleep anytime you wanted. However, if you have the upper berth, then you are in luck. Otherwise, you might have to request the other passengers to give some space.


Make sure to get off at every station possible, just to stretch your legs, grab a coffee and to stock up.

When you are travelling by train the next time, make sure you carry the essentials to spend time on a train. For every journey, you need to know the train times, and this can be quickly checked online.

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