What Leather Shoes And Jacket Are Made From?

Leather shoes are one of the favorite materials for lovers of elegance and durability, then we present the different skins that a shoe can be made:

Cow skin

As the name says, it comes from cattle. It is of a fairly thick material and can be used to obtain several layers of skin. It is the toughest of all skins and is also breathable, thus being immune to wear.

It is one of the most appreciated skins since it is the best skin types with which even the most elegant shoes are manufactured, and not only that, it is also suitable for manufacturing sports shoes and casual shoes. We also found it for the manufacture of soles.


Not only can shoes be made from this material, they also use it quite a lot for other clothing. It is a fairly soft, thin and light leather that makes it a great ally of the shoe when it comes to lining it.

Deer skin

It is characterized by its softness and elasticity, it is said to be one of the most flexible What Leather Shoes And Jacket Are Made From? that can adapt to any form of foot, this makes it an ally for those who suffer from bunions or other problems related to the feet.

It is one of the toughest leathers so it is a candidate to make different types and styles of shoes.

It is important to mention the care that this material should take, because if it is not taken care of correctly, the shoe may be damaged forever.


Characterized by having a thick and compact structure, this material also enjoys having a lot of flexibility, using it in fine skins and couture products in the fashion market and The Black Leather Jackets. In this material there are two types of goatskin: gondola that is thicker and brighter and the affiliate that has a fine grain.