What better way to clean carpets?

Should you splash stains, buy products or spread the bread sofa to clean the carpets? Our experts evaluate the most popular methods.

There are many ways when it comes to cleaning carpets, but what are really effective methods? Let’s analyze some of the most common ways to keep the carpets clean and know what’s best for your home.

Baking soda

Using baking soda is a way to keep your clothes, sofas, and carpets smelling fresh for longer. By spraying it on your floors before emptying, baking soda absorbs scents, leaving your carpet smell nicer. Does not deeply clean your rug: it will only remove odors, instead of stains.

Blotting spots

Treating spots when they are discovered is a good way to maintain your carpet. Deep spills can prevent spills in the carpet, which is good for your carpets in the short term, but fixing stains here and there will only clean up strange patches instead of the carpet as a whole. Spot cleaning is essential, but only as a supplement to a more thorough cleaning.

The store of purchased products

There are a lot of products and solutions that clean your carpet, available for purchase from stores. Many of these products contain harmful chemicals and many do not guarantee that they will work. While products purchased from stores tend to be inexpensive and produce quick results, they are rarely offered and avoided better.

Professional cleaning

Professional cleaning is the best way to maintain any rug. With comprehensive non-toxic coverage, you can be sure that your rug will get deep and thorough cleaning not only to reduce odors but also reduce allergens, bacteria and stains. Professional cleaning is the best method for any home and can improve the life of your rug.

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