Web Mobile Applications

Web Mobile Applications:

It’s a web app that combines the mobile smart app features to give a more effective experience to users.  It offers high converting app features with web’s wide reach. There is no other argument saying that mobile apps are bringing a higher rate of user engagement when compared to the web apps. This makes progressive web mobile applications a perfect middle solution.

Google launched PWAs in 2015 to address issues faced by an ever-growing community of the e-commerce retailers. These PWAs yielded 50% higher rate of conversion and they also get a considerable SEO boost from Google itself.

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Why Should You Choose Progressive Web Mobile Applications?

Responsive & Native Apps Aren’t Making the Cut Anymore: Responsive web designs on its own merely reflow content across multiple drives by enhancing it. Responsive apps aren’t successful in extracting desired user engagement and make people turn to native apps. Native apps are expensive to build and hardly give the ROI expected of them as people spend over 60% of their mobile time on Facebook & Google.

Comes With No Strings Attached: Progressive web mobile applications aren’t bound to any specific app store, which makes the life of hired dedicated developers and businessmen real easy.

PWAs are built on web-servers which means they can avoid making multiple app versions and all iOS/ Android rules. Also, there is no need to manually update PWA, it automatically updates for each device itself.

Can Work On All Devices:  Hyper-connectivity of the internet is enabling web browsers to interact in a way they have never done before. People are consuming content online at all times, in all places and for all sorts of reasons. With new mobile devices becoming more efficient with each passing day, it’s hard for developers to keep up with the updates. But PWAs work on all devices with equal efficiency, as they are hosted online.

Offers Native App Features as Well:

You can get the most attractive native app features in your PWAs like:

  • Push Notifications
  • Full-Screen Display
  • Offline Working
  • Splash Screen

Are Easy to Share: Through a URL, the sharing of a PWA is ridiculously simple. You can spread your app on social media, emails, online ads, QR codes etc.

Save Device Memory: As they are not downloaded on your devices, web mobile applications don’t take up as much space as traditional apps.

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