Ways To Safeguard Ip Address From Hacking

With the rise in technology, the facilities, as well as efficiency, have increased in every task performed. The connectivity provided by it enables the users to extract data from various resources in just a few clicks. Similarly, the risk associated with the connectivity has also exceeded, and an alarming situation now prevails in the internet world concerning the IP address hacking.

Safe IP Adress

The Internet Protocol (IP) address is the unique identity of the user which is assigned by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Many situations are witnessed where the third party from the device which he frequently uses to interact with extracts the personal data of the user, and can result in involvement in an illegal identity. The IP address is central in establishing a connection with the virtual world; however, misgivings exist pertaining to the extraction of the personal data. However, knowledge of IP address is not enough for hacking into your network. The other things that you must ensure are safeguarded to prevent hacking into the IP address are:

  • Way 1: Make sure your network is protected, although the routers and internet service providers have a firewall which protects our network from all such activities. However, you can still install a firewall or antivirus in your system to ensure safety and to eradicate the risk associated.
  • Way 2: The port of the device also plays an important role as the lacking can only occur when the port of the device is open.
  • Way 3: The hacking activities can be prevailed by establishing a virtual private network (VPN) which hides the actual IP address by providing a new and temporary IP address. Through VPN, one is able to routes to another network with a varied IP address. This way one can protect the activities on the internet form the ISP, hackers and also the government actors.
  • Way 4: One can also request ISP to assign a new address if one projects that the hacking activities prevail to the assigned address.

The IP address hacking cannot take place by the knowledge of one IP address. It also depends upon the network you use and the type of antivirus you have installed. It is because the ultimate and easy way to hack one IP address is through a virus. You can search for What Is My IP Address live on the internet in order to view the assigned address, install a high protection antivirus and relax.

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