Unlock Career Potential With Digital Credentials

Rapid changes in the global economy has changed the way we see our career. These days people don’t join companies for lifetime, instead, they learn as much as they can and hop to next profiles as soon as they get one. And they use certifications and badges to improve their profiles to do so. Part time and online courses are on rise like never before and certifications are no more just an added benefit. These are the days of upgrades; people not only need to upgrade technologies; they also need to upgrade themselves. The system also takes cognizance of this fast movement and so many schools, colleges and universities are incorporating digital accreditations in their systems. Employers too are incorporating technologies that can reduce validation time. We are soon reaching an age where digital presence and credentials will not a part of the system but they themselves will be the system.

Online credentials and they can have many uses and forms. They can be high stake credentials like degrees, diplomas and certificates or they can be low stake credentials like some basic skill or achievement.

Advantages of using digital credentials:

Advantages are many but we list the prominent ones below:

  • Digital credentials can be verified instantly. Hiring managers prefer them anyday in place of cumbersome, costly and time consuming traditional verifications.
  • They can prove a candidate’s skills and competencies without third party interference.
  • Linked says that the profiles with digital badges are viewed 6 times more than the regular profiles.
  • These badges make you more visible among your connections, employers, partners and recruiters.
  • More and more hiring managers are using technology to segregate job applicants. Software are being used to read resumes and digital badges can make the process simpler, accurate and easier.

Working professionals can opt for additional badges without taking a break in their career. Adding new skills increases employability and enhances existing profile. Some digital credentials give access to digital market insights. These may help the digital badge holder remain updated with the current market trend and shape his/ her profile accordingly. These insights also include job opportunities that the badge holder can avail.

How these credentials can be shared?

Digital badges are all about increased visibility. They improve the candidate’s presence on multiple platforms in many ways. The candidate can:

  • Add the digital badge to her linkedin profile.
  • Add the credential to her online portfolio, resume or email signature.
  • Add the digital credential to other social media sites.

The way forward:

An article in Wall Street Journal said that these credentials “don’t carry much weight in hiring yet… because managers don’t trust or recognize many of the companies and organizations behind the badges and courses.” However, if reputed universities and institutes adopt this system, which they are already, then there is no reason that this system won’t be successful in times to come.

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