Understanding and Preparing for GRE

Understanding and Preparing for GRE

Most graduate schools in the US and a few other countries use GRE as a selection criterion for admission into courses they have at their institutions. Preparing for GRE is easy and scoring good marks is also easy. One must use a planned method to begin and carry on your preparation for this competitive exam.

Choose an old institute –

Most metros in India have good coaching centers for competitive exams like GMAT, GRE, SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL. So, it should not be difficult to find a center that offers the best GRE classes Bangalore has if you are from this area. It is wise to choose a center that has been coaching students for more than 30-40 years. This means they will know the patterns of questions and the tough situations that students face. You will get the best coaching from these coaching centers.

Get a couple of mock tests –

To begin your preparation, find out how well you know the subject. You can get an accurate assessment by taking a couple of mock tests or practice tests. Since this is a generalized test, it does not pertain to any specific field like science or arts. It forms the common base for admission to a wide range of disciplines across thousands of universities. Since this test is for determining admission to graduate schools, it will cover most of what you study in your undergraduate course.

Test-taking frequency –

It is possible to take this test once in 21 days. But, one cannot take it more than 5 times in one year (365 days). One can get the best GRE courses Bangalore by joining a local institute because most metros provide a good education. You can begin preparing while you are still studying in college and take tests to see how well you are doing. But, unless you make an effort to score, you will not get enough marks to qualify and get a scholarship in the University of your choice.

Structure of the test –

The GRE exam is made of three sections – Analytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The Analytical Writing is scored out of 6 and if you are able to get 4 or above, you will qualify for the University of your choice. If your score is below 3, then you will not qualify anywhere. In this section, you will have to answer two separately timed essays. In one essay, you will analyze an argument and in the other, you will address an issue.

Preparing for the essay –

Preparing for this part will need training. You will need to orient your thinking to go with or go against the argument. In the analysis of the argument, you have to take a perspective. This depends on your preparation and how well you know the topic. In the Integrated Reasoning part, they test to see how well you integrate data to solve complex problems. The information is provided as numbers, text, and graphics. You must be in a position to analyze this information and draw logical conclusions.

Good preparation is the key to scoring the needed marks in your GRE. Again, good preparation depends on the institute you join and how much time you put in.

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