A girl doing meditation with a wind chime

Types of Material Used In Windschime

Over the period, Windschime has become a piece of art and decorative equipment to add a layer of sophistication in our home. In fact, these windchimes easily blended in any interior to upgrade the outlook of any home. When the little breeze strikes those rods, they exude a pleasing and soothing noise that can uplift the mood and provide you inner peace of mind.

Only a few people out there know that these are mere not a decorative product since they have their own significance in Vastu. Apart from producing melodious sound, they draw positivity, bring good luck, promote healthy living, and of course, better living with your significant other.

A girl with a windschime

Over time, the presence of windchimes spread to almost different cultures and countries and its origin takes us back to 1100 B.C where Chinese were already casting bells. During that time as well, Windchimes had their own religious significance. They were known to drive bad spirits away. Over the course of time, homes in Japan were decked with different styles of windchimes where these pieces were revered the most. Windschime comes in different styles and is designed using different materials that have their own significance.

Different Types of Windschime

The modern century has witnessed different styles of windchimes and in fact, these decorative items make the befitting gift for any occasion. The aesthetics of these pieces underwent major tweaks in 1979 when Woodstock Percussion, Inc began to develop these wind bells in an entirely new way. Also, the emphasis was given on the durability since they were intended to be hung outside, which is why they need to withstand the extremes of weather – be it sun, rain, temperature or humidity.

A girl doing meditation with a wind chime


Today Wind Chimes are designed using Metal, Bamboo, Ceramic and Glass and these different windschimes have their own importance.


  • Metal Windchimes – Metal wind chimes are high-quality windschime. This type of wind chime comes in different melodies and can be tuned to a particular song or music. Knowing that they are durable is comforting and you don’t have to worry about the weather and rust. They are bound to last, for the years to come.Wind chime - Chant of Anahata YAM

Bamboo Wind chimes – Even before Metal wind chimes came into existence, homes in Bali were decorated with Bamboo Wind Chimes. Bamboo Wind chimes are known to bring luck to anyone who hangs it in their home. They produce a calming sound that can relax the chaos building up in the mind. Unlike metal wind chimes, they can’t be tuned to particular music yet the soothing sound exuding out of them is enticing. This type of wind chime is less durable than metal windchimes but because it is environmental-friendly, its melodious voice can be a stress-buster for many.

  • Ceramic and Glass Wind chimes – Anyone one is looking to add a touch of elegance to their home, Ceramic and Glass Wind chimes are an ideal pick. This type of wind chimes is popular for the elegance they can lend to the place where they are set up. A little breeze will make them sing a song. They come in whimsical designs that add a personal touch to your home.



How To Hang Them For The Best Use?

The significance of wind chimes is still less known although it is so powerful. To make the most of them, you will have to hang them in the right place, according to the Vastu else they can do more harm to you. When hung correctly and at the right place, they can bring a sheer amount of positivity while suppressing the negative mindset.

Make sure that you don’t hang them near a plant or furniture that acts as an obstruction for the path of the wind.