Two Common Myths of Bird Watching in China You Must Know about

Bird Watching in China

Tranquillity and beauty are two words that describe a bird watching trip. If you are a nature lover, then one of the most enjoyable holiday plans for you would be bird watching. Get closer to nature by traveling to a remote area, full of greenery for a spectacular view and the beautiful endemic bird species for the company. This is quite a productive hobby that is embarked upon by many people. Along with seeing new places or getting closer to nature, this is also an enlightening tour, that explores various species of birds. If you want to go on such a trip, you need to look for a good travel company first.

Find a reliable company which has organized a number of birding tours in China. If you choose an established, relatively popular, and experienced company, you can be at peace and be assured that you will be able to practice your bird watching hobby in a fruitful manner. However, there are still certain myths around bird watching in China which you need to avoid if you want to enjoy such a travel plan.

Here, we have tried to gather a few of the most common myths surrounding birding so that you can reach the truth faster. Take a look.

Myth 1: Birding is for the Old

Many people think that birding is a hobby of the old. They think that people who don’t have anything to do or don’t want to travel to a city and enjoy the infectious vibe of modernity and urbanity, rush to the areas full of nature and seek solace in its lap. However, this is absolutely a myth. Birding is not only for the old. There is no age bar to this interesting hobby. You will be able to partake in it as long as you have an interest in it and have a physically fit and healthy body. There are many birders in their teens and twenties who possess remarkable birding skills and join these amazing bird watching tours to unleash their talents. For birding, all you need is your eyes and ears to coordinate well. So, if you think you can be fit for such a hobby, you must not consider your age and quickly be a part of it.

Myth 2: Birding is a Difficult Hobby

Birding may be a rare and unusual hobby that people don’t quite talk about much. But nowadays, due to the power of social media, you will notice that so many people share a common love for knowing and viewing more and more bird species. If it was a highly complicated procedure, then it would not have been possible for so many people to pursue it. Isn’t it? Birding requires patience and focus. Start with observing the birds in your backyard. And then slowly move on to doing it professionally with a birding group. Most of the bird watching trips are monitored by a guide who can further train you or give you tips on how to improve your birding skills.

So, what are you thinking? Don’t delay anymore and break these myths today by joining the Sichuan or Yunnan birding tours in China.

Author Bio: Jim Cox, a regular blogger on Sichuan or Yunnan birding tours in China, here writes on two common myths of bird watching in China.

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