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Trophies: Origin, Invention & Implementation

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We know how easy it has become to buy trophy online but do we know the history of trophies?

Today, we’re going to rediscover the very history of the same and know why trophy manufacturers near you ( so hard to make one.

So, let’s start!

Trophy – the single most coveted object of any person containing even little traces of ambition. Some wanted to impress their adolescent crush with it, some wanted to make their parents proud with it and some wanted it to just quench their fire of self-ambition. Whatever the reason might have been we must admit that all of us wanted this sacrosanct object to be ours at some point in our life. Whether it be pertaining to academics or sport or the best employee award this is a class-apart reward deserved for the privileged few. 

So let’s delve further into some illuminating facts pertaining to trophies!


Hellenic roots: Like many attributes of western culture, trophies were also adopted from the Greeks. They were made to mark victories in the war or to bestow the personal individuals who made significant achievement in the local games. 


Warrior’s pride:  Initially trophies were made on the battlefields to mark victories, after filling them with seized arms they were hung upon a tree or made into a large stake to be personified as a warrior. On these ancient trophies was written the story of the valiant efforts displayed by the soldiers on the battlefield, their glory described which would then be dedicated to various gods. Trophies pertaining to sea-victories were also made and owing to the religious connections they were considered divine and destroying them a sacrilege.


The credit of inventing trophies goes to the Greeks and they were first implemented as a reward for the soldiers and successful athletes, however, as sands of time ran their purpose and field has also changed significantly.


Now coming to the form in which we know them today.

Sports trophies: Made in the form of cups they are the oldest form of man-made awards. Traces of sports trophies goes as far as the time of ancient Olympics where the top athletes were given laurel-wreaths and the winner of local games was awarded trophies.


The oldest sports trophies in the world are Carlisle Bells, a horse racing trophy dating back to 1599 first awarded by Elizabeth 1. The race has been run for 400 years in Carlisle, Cumbria and the United Kingdom. The bells are on display at the local museum Tullie House which includes many varieties of historic trophies of the area from the Roman legions to the present day.


Whatever be the type and the field these shining bits of polished metal have always caught the eyes of the public and will continue to do so. 

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