One of the famous destinations in Peru is Machu Picchu which was an old town or small village built on a hill and a river flowing on the hill. This 600-year-old village was home to the Inca civilization and is still one of the best villages in South America. It is also known as “The Lost City of the Incas” and can be one of the best symbols that describe the Incas.

This destination is now a cultural site, and distinguished heritage of Peru and excursions to Machu Picchu are a must for people who wish to spend more time in their life in this historical place of Peru. Inca was built in the classic Inca style in 1500 AD, but 100 years later, the city was abandoned mainly because of the Spanish invasion.

When you decide to travel to Machu, you have to put some things in mind. For example, you may want to check out many hotels before your trips to Machu Picchu NY. This is because it is a busy tourist destination and there are reservations all the time here. As a result, hotels are also booked, and if you do not receive them in advance, you will not have any more accommodation.

Most people come for the Picchu walk. This place is located on the hill, the best way to get there is by foot. This way, you will not only have the opportunity to see the natural beauty of the mountains, but you will also get to know Machu Picchu in a close and personal way.

To get here, you will have to take the train from the capital. Here you will have to get off at Ollanta Tambo station.

Before climbing the hills of Machu Picchu, you must be well equipped. Ollanta Tambo has a small cafe where you can have breakfast and climb to see the Inca ruins. The cafe also offers travelers the opportunity to purchase sticks, goggles, and hats that may be useful when climbing Machu Picchu. The full journey to the top of this destination should be facilitated by the hike as no vehicle takes you to the top of the mountains.

Buses are available only to Machu Picchu and outside the base, which go up one thousand meters. You will have to walk alone. The best time to travel here is only during the summer. Because in winter, a steep climb is difficult for a certain number of climbers and is also mostly unstable. The hike will continue for several hours, but if you plan your trip the right way, you will have the best time of your life. Indeed, the trips to Machu Picchu NY would be adventurous for you!

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