Training The Pastors And Evangelists In South Sudan!

Let’s throw some light on the goals of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan. To begin with, the main goal is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. The other objective is the institutional capacity building and to reconcile people with one another. The Church aims to help the broken hearted, oppressed and the voiceless. This is also strengthened by training the Bible disciples of South Sudan.

The Bible disciples of South Sudan aims to make the disciples devote themselves to the teacher or to become a teacher in order to highlight the greatness of God to everyone. The bible disciples in South Sudan learn the basics of life from the different verses in the Bible. They want to teach the disciples to serve to the society in order to make it better for everyone!

Another concept brought in light with respect to the Church is South Sudan Evangelism. It basically describes how the Church is growing in South Sudan and there is a need to have trained pastors and evangelists that can serve the community in a proper way. With proper training, there can be a positive impact on the further growth of the Church in South Sudan. They want to train them to make lives of the people in their community better and show how lives can transform in a positive way.

The mission of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan is to be lived by which is to maintain unity and have a faithful Church!