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Top YouTube Video Search Engine Optimization Techniques

After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the digital world, generating approximately 92 billion page views every month. It is the sole site where 400 hours of videos are uploaded every 60 seconds! It allows you to monetize the content of the videos, your own videos precisely.

Here, in this article, several techniques for optimizing YouTube videos have been mentioned to rank it even higher! 

These are the five excellent ways to rank it higher.



When your fully created and edited video is ready to be uploaded on YouTube, do not forget to rename your file with some keyword, rather than leaving it as mov002 or with any random title. Naming the file as your focused keyword lets the search engine know about what is there in your video, precisely it’s content. Properly naming the video file allows the search engine, index it easily and thus aiding in acquiring a higher ranking.



There is another convenient as well as an essential way to rank higher in YouTube search. Firstly enlist the specific tags, writing the main keyword at first will help to lay stress on the algorithms. Secondly, enlist the general tags by writing general and keywords that match. Include the singular and plural of the tags and separate your keyword into two distinct tags. Also, include phrases.



There are four simple steps to optimize your videos on YouTube and if there are existing ones, you can rank them higher too! Just follow as mentioned.

  • Open YouTube studio
  • Go to Analytics > reach viewers
  • Click on Traffic source > YouTube search
  • Click on any of the keywords to reveal data


Once you are done with these and you possess your keyword which is driving traffic to your existing videos, you can now begin to optimize them.

Keep a few things in mind. Make the video description more targeted to keywords found in the above step and add the keyword as a tag on the video of yours.



CC stands for Closed Caption on YouTube. This demonstrates your text on the video which helps the viewers comprehend your video better and even its narration better. There is an option of translating it into different languages so that it can reach out to more people in a larger dimension. You can even write a closed caption if the video of yours has no voice.



This is also a vital part of SEO. One cannot think of all the possible keywords to be included in the video. For instance, Google Display Planner is often used by people to fetch keyword ideas. 


Through the above methods, your youtube channel subscribers will increase. If these methods don’t work then buy youtube subscribers from this website ( for your channel.