TOP 10 Legendary Brands You Should Learn TO BE BEST While Shopping

Everyone wants to add some luxury in their lives. There are many ways to do that, even if you are just a traveler. Let’s suppose you are not limited in your budget. So, you can pick one of many popular luxury destinations, including shopping destinations. The world famous shopping tours are going to meet you with all popular brands and designers. You can start swimming in luxury with hiring a luxury car. Of course, if you are a young driver, your choice is limited with the car rental policy. The best car rental for under 25 drivers may include Chevrolet Corvette or Jaguar Convertible. Of course, everything depends on the location and company’s rules. Traveling by car, you will never have problems to get to the shop or shopping mall. What brands do you prefer?

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  1. Buy Prada

Prada is one of the world popular fashion flows. Their label always means much and their models are always on trend. If you have a box from Prada it means you prefer quality and luxury to budget shopping. Honestly, Prada is the brightest representative of the Italian house of luxury fashion. This is the name that everyone knows. If you want to buy something from Prada, you should pay attention to their leather bags, shoes, perfumes. They are timeless.

  1. Buy Gucci

This is a famous leader brand in the world fashion. It was founded in 1921 but still, this is the hottest trend and a world style icon. Pay attention to accessories. They are worth any money. Textiles from Gucci are also in favor. You should know that Gucci is an Italian brand witch can boast its high quality.

Gucci store window, Geneva


  1. Buy Stella McCartney

Do you know this brand? If you want to be a fashionista, you should remember this name. The brand was launched in 2001 and gained its popularity as an animal rights activist. According to this, the brand prefers non-violent materials to make their clothes and accessories. At that time they were the one who really cared about animals. You will like McCartney’s urban looks and soft shapes.

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  1. Buy Fendi

Everyone knows that Fendi is a popular fashion brand that came from Rome. Can’t you believe that? The brand is about 90 years old already! At that time it was a popular shop which produced stylish clothes made of fur and leather. Today, you can not only buy something from Fendi in the luxury store but visit local atelier and order something special. It can be not only a cloth item, but bags, perfumes, shoes.

  1. Buy Saint Laurent

This is a French brand and one of the most impressive fashion houses in the whole world. Looking for luxury, visit of ne of their shops and boutiques. Saint Laurent creates clothes for young and adults. Their clothes is simple, classic, but punk and luxury. If you notice something that is extremely stylish in the store, it is from Saint Laurent, for sure.

  1. Buy Givenchy

Meet another popular fashion brand that came from France. The Givenchy house is old enough. It was founded in 1952 by Givenchy. What do you expect? This is a unique chance to find a mix of a traditional and a modern style. This is still the most original and inspiring fashion brand and the leader of fashion industry. If you want to look creative, buy something from Givenchy.

  1. Buy Balmain

If you don’t know the brand yet, remember this name. Balmain can boast its rich experience in creating luxury clothes from decorative fabrics. The combination of fabrics is impressive. Balman uses the most innovative technologies and small details. The logo of the brand is a beautiful gold medallion with a company’s logo on it. You can see this logo on the buttons and ornaments. By the way, the clothes of this brand can boast its rich decorative elements.

Men's Louis Vuitton Shoes

  1. Buy Louis Vuitton

Wow! Everyone likes and wants to follow this trunk master, a famous designer, and a big creator. This is a brand of inventions and luxury clothes you’ve never seen before. Of course, Vuitton has become popular of their bags and brand valises. To buy a small handbag you need to spend much money, indeed.

  1. Buy McQueen

Alex McQueen founded his brand in 1992. It was popular in England at that time. They create your fashion look with the help of traditional sewing techniques and innovative decorating methods. You can’t find classic here but rather something that is funky and punky. Streetwear, tens fashion, and impressive collections for young and adults are waiting for you.

  1. Buy Burberry

From the ground up, the clothes of this brand was designed for British people to save them from the cold windy weather. The fabrics are combined with innovative technologies to make your clothes even more protective. Don’t wait for the crazy solutions! Classic style is preferred.

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If you are going for luxury shopping, you should be ready to break your wallet. It is not a problem for you, isn’t it? Every capital city has a central street full of fashion stores and boutiques. Just find the parking spot near here and enjoy your shopping. But first, make sure that you are an expert of the fashion world.