Tips That Will Help You to Become an Excellent Yoga Teacher

Are you totally committed to yoga? Do you want to become a trainer and train others in this ancient Indian practise? Well then it is time that you become a yoga teacher.

Well, being well practised and learned in the art of yoga will not be enough to become a good yoga teacher. You will need to possess and hone certain skills which will help you to train your students and encourage them to keep coming back to yoga classes with you. Want to know how to become an excellent yoga trainer? Well then here are a few tips, just for you:

  1. It is absolutely essential that you be properly trained and certified in order to become a teacher in the first place. Hence you will need to join yoga teacher training in rishikesh or any other place which has a yoga teacher training programme. Make sure that you join and good and reputed school in order for your certificate to carry weight. This will help you to get jobs faster. It will also provide you with the right training techniques which you will be able to effectively teach your students.
  2. Do not think of yourself as a teacher and your students as your students. Treat them as equals and talk to them like one. This will help you to gain their confidence and help in getting rid of any power hierarchy that exists in a teacher student relationship. You will have to ensure that when you instruct them you do so in a friendly and understanding manner. Yoga can be challenging for some and hence it is best to treat them as equals rather than dominating over them or coming across as an imposing teacher.
  3. You should build on your communication skills. The key to a proper training is making sure that you communicate your ideas and the essential practises thoroughly to your students. Teach them that yoga is not just a form of exercise but a way of life. Hence instruct them on the ideal way of life to follow along with the exercise. Infuse positive energy in them and teach them how to calm their senses. You can also build rapports with them after your class, so as to make your class a more warm and interactive session.
  4. It is very important that you practise what you preach. Just like the yoga teachers in rishikesh it is important that you yourself attend regular yoga classes and practise the intended lifestyle that you want your students to follow. This will help you to build on your own skills and make your class more effective.
  5. Do not forget to eat right and stay healthy. You have to be active and fit and also in shape for your students to take you seriously. You leading an unfit life with no control over your diet, will not work if you want to become a good yoga teacher.

So, these are some of the essential points that you will have to keep in mind if you want your yoga classes to be the best!

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