Tips to Buy the Perfect Fit of Jeans Online

Are you searching for the perfect pair of jeans? Shopping for stylish jeans for girls online can be challenging. It is especially true when it comes to getting the right fit. Unlike a traditional brick and mortar store, you won’t have the benefit of trying on the jeans and seeing yourself in the mirror before you make the purchase. There’s, therefore, a good chance you’ll be disappointed if you don’t take the time to ensure that you order the right fit for you.

The following tips will help you nail your online shopping trip and ensure you get the perfect fit.

Know your Hip and Waist Size in Inches and Centimeters:

It is essential to know your measurements, especially when shopping for clothes online. You should at least know your hip and waist size in inches and centimeters. It’s good to know your measurements in centimeters too, as some international boutique online shops provide size charts in centimeters.

It only takes a few seconds to know your measurements. You can use a measuring tape or a shoelace or string in combination with a ruler to get your measurements. Measure the narrowest part of your torso to get your waist measurements and the broadest part of your hips to get your hip measurements.

Use Size Charts Provided by the Store and the Brand:

Size charts are essential when shopping online. It’s important to note that these charts change depending on the brand as well as the store. It’s best to use the size chart provided by the brand, as this will be the most accurate.

For example, if you’re shopping for Levis, you’ll find that their jeans sizes correspond to the waist size of the jeans in inches. Therefore, if your waist is 28 inches, you would go for a size 28 pair of jeans. However, you’d still need to pay attention to the hip size to get the perfect fit.

Look for the Rise Measurements:

The rise refers to how the jeans sit on the hips. There are three main designs. Low rise jeans sit just above the hips or right on the hips. These jeans offer fewer restrictions and are therefore very popular as they are comfortable. High rise jeans sit directly on the waist. They provide a flattering silhouette for women but can have a restriction, especially for well-fitting jeans. Mid-rise jeans sit between the belly button level and the hip bone.

If you’re unsure about the rise, check the description for measurements. You can use a pair of jeans you own to measure and better understand the rise measurements.

Check the Fabric:

It’s a good idea to understand the material used to manufacture jeans. Look for details on the composition of the material. Denim made from 100 percent cotton will not stretch. It is best suited for cuts that aren’t figure-hugging. Stretchy fabrics such as those that have some elastane or spandex are best for slim fits.

You should also look for descriptions of the weight of the fabric. Lightweight denim is composed of a thinner material. It is the best option for slimmer fits, such as skinny jeans. Heavier weights are good for lose-fits, such as boyfriend cuts.

If you’re in doubt, it’s best to go with a stretchy fabric. These will stretch to conform to your body’s silhouette.

As a bonus tip, be sure to check the return policy of the store from where you’re shopping. If there is any reason that the jeans you order aren’t what you expected, be sure that you can return the product, or your concerns can get addressed.