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It is always difficult to buy perfumes in online stores. But sometimes there is no time for the usual shopping. To choose the right fragrance online, use our tips.

How to choose the right perfume in online stores
Perfume is a very individual thing. Even if you get the most enthusiastic recommendation for a perfume from someone from friends or acquaintances, and order it online, the fragrance may not suit you.

The time of online shopping has come. Not only can you make purchases from home, office, dacha, now you can order literally anything. If everything is simple with the clothes: I chose the size, I looked at how the outfit sits on the model, I ordered it – then with make-up everything is not so smooth. Especially it concerns perfumery.

Naturally, the main disadvantage of buying perfume in an online store is that you can not smell them. Usually descriptions have little to say. Well, yes, it’s good that the heart of the fragrance and the notes are pointing out there, but how can this information help ordinary consumers? After all, not everyone knows how the smell of ambergris or lotus flower.

But the advantage is a huge selection of spirits. It remains only to learn to understand the scents. And do not be afraid, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille from Perfume you will not, but you can definitely choose the spirits that suit you.

What you need to know when choosing perfume online

1. Refill your dictionary of fragrances.

Before you think about the choice of perfume online, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts in the category of fragrances. Of course, there is no need to go deep into this subtle science of smells, the main thing is to remember the basic term: sillage.

Sillage – used by manufacturers to describe persistence, that is, the strength of the fragrance. If the perfume has a weak sillage, then you will not smell it until you have lifted the scented wrist to the nose. Perfume with a strong sillage is better not to choose for the office because all the surrounding people will feel the trail of your perfume even at the end of the day.

In addition, you need to know that perfumes usually have upper notes, middle notes and base notes, and all of them appear on the skin gradually throughout the day.

Also it is necessary to take interest in groups of aromas. There are only 6 of them: chypre, floral, citrus, oriental, woody and leather. If everything is obvious with citrus, arboreal and floral, the rest require explanation.

Fougère aroma means that in the perfume composition there is a combination of wood notes and notes of lavender, bergamot, oakmoss or coumarin.

The composition of chypre spirits includes a mixture of aromas of bergamot, patchouli, incense, sandalwood and oakmoss, that is, they are pretty sweet spirits.

The leather band is characterized by the astringency and severity of the smell. The composition can include a styrax tree, birch, red juniper or incense.

The oriental family of smells is characterized by persistence and very sweet aroma. Most often these spirits consist of notes of amber, musk, vanilla and other spices, exotic flowers.

1. Order the probe.

Quite obvious advice, but most people choosing perfumes online, order a large bottle at once, and they do not know what to do with it, because they expected the perfume to smell differently. Instead, it’s better to order a miniature. So you can understand if the perfume suits you, and if you do not like it, you will not be sorry for the money thrown to the air.

2. Compare the composition of perfumes.

You do not need to order the most expensive branded friends, you can find their niche counterparts. Just need to compare the composition of the product from the fashion brand with the composition of less than the advertised flavor. Niche perfume can be half cheaper than a famous brand, but it will help you decide whether you want to spend money on its brand.

When there really is no time for shopping, you can order perfume online for yourself or your loved ones via the Internet. Choose the right group of fragrances, and then review the description of the perfume itself. Most likely, there will be indicated whether the perfume has a sweet or fresh smell.

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