When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Hosting Plan?

Some beginner website owners can make way with a shared hosting plan as they are low cost and handle a certain amount of data very well. You can call these plans beginner friendly. But if your website is going to bulk up with surging web traffic and consistently increasing content there will come a time when the shared hosting plan will prove inadequate.

Once this happens there are other hosting options to help you keep functioning smoothly. So let’s see when and why you will need to upgrade to a better hosting plan.


It time to upgrade when you see these signs.


To put it simply many first time website owner do not have the simplest of idea of what hosting is. They just go for the cheapest option and keep focusing on design and content themselves. And to be true there is nothing wrong with that approach. Basic hosting plans can be of the best benefit during the early stages.

If this sounds familiar to you then you have opted for a shared hosting plan when you originally started your website. Shared hosting is very convenient and cost relatively less and hence it’s called a beginner friendly option. If your site is small and does not see a lot of traffic. Websites that fit this criterion are personal blogs, online portfolios and static information websites.  This option is great to start with; as it requires very low maintenance just make sure the company you hire is a reputed one.

However you must realize that shared hosting has its own limitations

Shared hosting as the name suggests is shared with other customers of the hosting provider and hence all the resources are shared. So when any other website on the same server is receiving a surge of web traffic and sucking of all the CPU resources there’s a possibility that your website might exhibit sluggish behavior. Once your website has been online for a while you should start looking into changing your hosting plans into dedicated servers. There are some clear signs that you can look that will help you decide when it’s time to upgrade.


  • Your site is performing slowly.

Speed is the first impression any visitor will notice when they log on to your website. The speed factor plays a vital role in improving your search ranking and user experience, if your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load there is a major chance of the visitor turning away. When this happens it is time to increase your resources and go for a better hosting plan


  • Too much Downtime.

It is extremely clear the uptime is very important, if people are not able to visit your website there’s a great chance that they will never even try again, first impressions apparently. I will be wise on your part to expect a 99% downtime, we promise a guarantee on uptime. But if that is not the case you could be experiencing a lot of traffic and you need to upgrade resources.


  • Security Concerns.

Shared hosting is secured enough as long as the company you hired is a reputed one. It is understandable that no platform is 100 percent secure no matter whatever plan you choose. You could always take additional steps to safeguard your own Data against people with malicious intent. You can always go for advanced security features offered by a non-shared hosting plan.


  • You are running out of space or resources.

As your website grows and you add more pages and files, you attract more traffic and user activity. You website will start to take up a lot of space and also require a lot of resources to run all this smoothly.

Even if you find one of the above issues it is advisable to look into other hosting plans. An upgrade will ensure that your website keeps the user experience intact.

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