The Ultimate Guide To Buying a Leather Jacket

Few pieces of clothing have as much attitude as a leather jacket. It is a timeless and versatile item with a lot of masculinity. In short, indispensable in every man’s wardrobe!

How much do you pay for a leather jacket?

In most cases it is very simple: you pay for what you get. Sometimes you pay a little extra for ‘the name’, but normally the price corresponds to the type and quality of the leather. If you prefer a thin and supple leather jacket, choose lamb or calf leather. But keep in mind that it can be less durable than the thicker leather used for most biker jackets.


Four cool styles

Biker jacket

The biker jacket, also known as the ‘Perfecto’, is a leather jacket that is usually worn in black. This item is notably characterized by its asymmetrical zippers and has quite a ‘bad boy’ image. Moreover, you can rock the biker jacket in many ways!


Bomber jacket

A bomber jacket comes in different materials, but we prefer a bomber jacket made of thin, supple leather. You can also use this item creatively. For example, replace the top of your suit with a leather bomber jacket to make your outfit sportier.


Racer jacket

The racer jacket is perhaps the most minimalist leather jacket of all. Often this item includes a zipper on the chest and a popper on the collar, but that’s it. All in all a timeless piece of clothing with which you can combine endlessly!


Flight jacket

You can see this model as the daddy of the leather jackets and bane coat. As the name says, this jacket is made for pilots. It is a somewhat thicker loose fit model, often with a wool collar. Combine the somewhat heavier flight jacket with slim-fit articles. This ensures that the weight of your outfit remains balanced. It is also important to keep the flight look simple and to wear as few different layers as possible.