Choose Best Power Boosters For Your Solar Panals

Friends, looking at the current scenario where depletion of energy resources are on the verge of the red line. Usage of Solar power Kits is quite trendy in the young generation of society. It feels good that our young generation has awareness about the conservation of energy.

Implementing your Solar power kit with some modern technology driven accessories like MPPT Solar charge controllers and Off-Grid batteries will make your system run very efficiently. The young generation is technology driven and it’s a good opportunity for them to upgrade their Solar Power Kits. Let’s get a deep insight into these new technologies.

Deep Insight into MPPT Solar Charge Controller

MPPT stands for maximum power point tracking solar charge controller.An MPPT is an electronic device which converts electronic DC to DC converter that optimizes the match between the solar panel and the battery bank or the utility grid.

It works on an algorithm to maximize the amount of current going into the battery to the PV module.The basic function of MMPT is to extract the maximum from PV modules by making them operate at most efficient voltage.

Main features:

  1.    MPPT Solar Charge Controller is used in any application where the PV module is an energy source.
  2.    MPPT Solar Charge Controller is necessary for any Solar Power Kit to extract maximum power from the PV module.
  3.    Use of MPPT allows the users to use the PV module with a higher voltage output.
  4.    MPPT Solar Charge Controller reduces the complexity of the system and raises the efficiency of the system.
  5.    It can be used in any other renewable energy sources such as wind power turbines, water turbines etc.

Off-Grid Batteries

The key component of Off-Grid Solar System is Deep cycle batteries. Without batteries, one cannot have energy. These batteries are effective when the Off-Grid Solar system is out of function like i.e when it is not producing enough electricity like at night, or during low sunlight or when the utility services are down.

Off-Grid batteries are the most complicated and costly component of any Off-Grid Solar Power System. These Off-Grid Batteries come with new technologies under the name of Lithium-ion, sealed gel, flooded lead acid, flow, and salt water battery technologies.

In Lithium-ion Off-Grid batteries have a number of advantages for stationary storage applications. Many major global manufacturers like Samsung, Tesla, Sony, LG have designed high performing Lithium-ion Off-Grid batteries to the renewable energy industry.

Sealed Gel batteries require less maintenance than wet cell batteries; it has superior charge current handling, lower installation cost, and high recharge efficiency.

Flooded Lead Acid batteries are lower in cost and come with proven performance in standalone applications. It needs a regular maintenance in the form of electrolyte level check-ups, adding distilled water regularly, periodically cleaning the surface and regular boosts charging to overcome acid stratification.

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