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The Importance Of Coach Hire Brighton – Link Minibuses

If you want to experience one of the best rides of your life to travel to your favourite destinations, you can Coach Hire Brighton from link minibuses for the best service available to you. If you are planning to go on a trip with your family or friends or if you are going on a business trip with your colleagues or your university is taking you for a field trip then the need for a bus hire Brighton arises. A minibus or a coach has a lot to offer and it brings a lot to the plate, we should realize the benefits it provides us so that we can cherish all of them. A minibus or coach can fit a considerable amount of people which allows you to bring a lot of people along with you which makes the trip even more fun.

The alternatives to party bus hire Brighton

There is no doubt about the level of advantages that these minibuses and coaches provide us with but there are a lot of different options available to you as well. Here are a few of those options to discuss:

  • Trains
  • Bus
  • Uber
  • Taxi


Yes, trains are a great alternative to minibus and coaches, they are a very old form of transportation but they are still vastly in use by people. Some people just prefer to travel by train because they are used to it. Trains are relatively cheap and they can also be expensive as the price depends on the distance you are travelling. If you are travelling somewhere far then the price will be higher and if you are travelling somewhere near then the price will be low. There are different classes in trains, for example, there are the economy, business and first-class. The rates vary for each class as they are more and more options available to you in each class.


A bus is very common amongst everyone and it is in use by everyone as well. Some time or another everyone might have used a bus to travel to their destinations. The most common use of a bus is or school going purposes. But when you compare it to minibus hire Brighton then it falls a little short as it does not have all the features a minibus has to offer. Buses are usually very cheap and they are not comfortable and the rides are very bumpy as well. In some cases, you might not even get a seat to sit on a bus which will just make you feel exhausted.


This is one of the newer options available to you as it has just recently been introduced. This is such a great service and it is available to you 24/7, you just have to tap on your screen and enter the location you want to travel to and there will be a driver on your doorstep ready to take you there. When you get the advantage of someone else driving you to your locations it makes you stress-free and allows you to relax. This is a common denominator between a minibus and uber as you have the option of Brighton minibus hire with driver. The price you pay for this service depends on the distance you are travelling and the type of vehicle you choose and the prices can vary if there is a peak rate.


Taxis are an easy and convenient way to travel, you just have to call a cab service or just stop one at the side of the road. You just have to tell the driver the location you want to travel to and they will take you there. The price mainly depends on the distance you are travelling and it can also vary if there is a lot of traffic.