The computer you use whether Notebook or Desktop will depend on the work you do

The computer you use whether Notebook or Desktop will depend on the work you do

With technology providing us with more and more innovative gadgets, their sizes keep decreasing which is not bad because now it’s possible to carry your computer in your handbag. Don’t look surprised because today’s iPads are so handy and lady’s handbags are ultra-large almost anything can be carried in them. Here some applications are like laptops or pc. For example, you all know about Youtube. This is the online video app, but if you like a video and want to download it in the mp3 version. So I suggest you use youtube2mp3. Here you can convert all videos into the mp3 version. Simply I want to tell you that, applications are also updated day by day just as all gadgets like a desktop computer to the laptop.


As great as these small computers are, not everything can be done on them and some tasks such as writing long articles definitely require the sturdy computer that I like to keep on my desk away from the prying eyes of friends who would most probably be scandalized if they realized that I still use one of those for my work. Each to his own I guess because for me, no matter what’s in fashion I still prefer my faithful old computer with its various components such as the keyboard and mouse not forgetting the huge tower in which my life’s works are saved.


If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about my desktop computer which has stood by me through thick and thin and I wouldn’t part with it for anything. The Notebook is fine for those who want to show off and iPads are cute no doubt. But the keyboard in a laptop is so crammed that I find my fingers smudging all the letters together and making a mess of the document I’m trying to type. The Notebook is also oh so slow and who can play any games on it? As for the iPad, it’s not so bad but where’s the keyboard? If I wanted to write with my finger, I surely wouldn’t want a computer?


I’m not joking you know because I do find the desktop computer the best of its kind because you can do so much work on it without feeling tired. You can sit comfortably in front of a desktop and keep typing page after page which is something you can never do with the elegant looking Notebook. Today’s Notebook is thin and light and has little buttons above the keyboard to perform various functions. It’s the Notebook RAM that takes care of things like memory, handling video games and complex software and most importantly the speed in which those tasks are carried out.


Those who use their computers to play games will first have to check the speed of their computer motherboard, especially if video games that need plenty of graphic power are played on it. The motherboard will also decide whether it’s possible for your computer to carry out video editing, stream movies or photoshop and anyone who’s main interest is in this type of multi-tasking should know the speed and capacity of their motherboard simply by checking the box in which it was packed.


A printer is not that expensive especially if your needs are not much in which case you won’t need a multi-tasker. Most people, however, forget the fact that once you pay for your printer it’s not the end of it because you have to keep buying toner which is very expensive these days. The page yield of a printer can be different from one model to another and for people who require a lot of printing done its best to settle for a model that can fax, scan, copy and print, which will not only save a lot of time but also money in the long term.