The best way to get an ideal job

Ever hear of someone’s job and thought, “wow, now is that a dream job?” Chances are, it didn’t start that way.

There really are two options for you if you want to have one of those elusive jobs. The first is to create one yourself by designing your dream business around the things you love to do. However, this is not for everyone!

The second is to find a dream job as an employee for someone else. And, the reality is that most of those jobs were not conceived by the employer. Most of the time, those jobs were created by someone who was already working for the company in a different capacity.

And that’s the big secret … most of the RN Dream Jobs are internal jobs. That is, they end up being created by someone already employed there, who builds a case to create or modify a position at their perfect job.

In fact, I have been able to do this twice. The first time I worked for a large telecommunications company. I was just pregnant and wanted to stop traveling. There was a published job that would be perfect for me, except that it was located in our division offices 400 miles away. I approached the director to take the position and do it from home. Although they hadn’t considered that option, we agreed to let myself do it that way until I had the baby. Then we would re-evaluate. It was so successful that I ended up working “virtual” for six years. However, the job would never have been posted on a board as a “telework” position.

The second time, I was able to use work rules and scheduling options to do a part-time job. I get all the benefits, but I only work about half the month.

The downside in both cases is that this “perfect” setup rarely lasts forever. In the first case, the company finally outsourced the work it was doing, and the work disappeared. In the second, the company is being acquired and the new company may not offer the same options.

So how do you create a “dream job”?

* Get a job, almost any job, in the industry or with the specific company where you want to work.

* Do it really well. Set a name for yourself. Become indispensable.

* Study the company to see if there are existing positions that fit your dream with feasible changes (such as working from home).

* Management approach with your idea.

If they say “no,” consider going out on your own to do the job as a consultant.

If you work for an employer, and the constraints and demands of your life and time just don’t work for you, let me give you a supplemental consultation on your other options!

As a Dream Business Designer, I help people like you take their passions and lifestyle priorities and create a for-profit dream business idea modeled on them. We start with an exciting and inspiring session to get an idea, then work with you to make that dream come true.