Testing your new property for ice

Landmark Inspections is again ahead of the industry and one of the first property inspection businesses to offer a laboratory screening method to test for Meth (Ice) contamination in a property.

This is revolutionary for the property inspection industry in Australia and will become a standard within the next 5 years, where property owners are to prove that contamination of their property that is to either be sold or tenanted is not contaminated by the residue of meth. This is already a requirement in New Zealand and we anticipate Australia will follow suit shortly.

Meth screening of residential properties will become a requirement due to the rampant use of this drug throughout the community and the health risks imposed to residents living within a contaminated home. These health concerns can include skin rashes, allergy like symptoms, headaches and respiratory problems and can affect all occupants.

Visit here forĀ Testing your new property for ice

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