The Super Visa Insurance – All You Need To Know

Over the years, super visa has become immensely popular among Canadian citizens and landed immigrants alike. Launched in December 2011, super visa is a multi-entry visa that allows grandparent and parents associated with a Canadian citizen to visit their family members in Canada more frequently. Unlike the visitor’s visa that allows visitors to remain in Canada for only 6 months, the super visa allows a stay of up to 2 years with an option to apply for an extension. The main criteria for applying for super visa is medical insurance. Furthermore, applicants for super visa insurance need to submit proof that they have bought private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company that is valid for a minimum of one year and offers coverage of $100,000 for hospitalization, healthcare among others. Super visa insurance not only is an insurance for travel, but also has a number of other benefits attached to it, when compared to a general travel insurance, and this makes super visa insurance much more valuable and useful.

Considering the fact that super visa insurance comes with an availability for up to 10 years, it can be beneficial for Canadian citizens whose want to visit multiple time within the span of the policy’s availability. Read on to find out five facts on super visa insurance.

  1. Coverage– Super visa insurance not only covers the cost of treatment by physician or surgeon, but also covers the cost of diagnostic tests, emergency room charges, cost of prescription drugs and the return of the person to the place of origin. In addition, super visa insurance also covers unexpected, unforeseen injury or sickness that requires immediate medical treatment.
  2. Refundable premiums– One of the major benefits of super visa insurance is the fact that if your claim towards the policy gets rejected, you would be allowed a refund of all your premiums that you paid.
  3. Multiple visitors-Without a doubt, a crucial benefit of super visa insurance is that it allows multiple visitors, that is, up to two parents as well as two grandparents who can be covered under a single policy. This basically means that qualifying the eligibility one time itself would allow multiple visitors to visit the applicant. Needless to say, this will save you a lot of legwork and time.
  4. Coverage benefits– Even though buying coverage for parents and grandparents is often a challenging step, getting the super visa insurance can be highly beneficial. Besides, the medical insurance, which would have to be availed for the first year, will give you a coverage of up to $100,000.
  5. Multiple trips– The super visa insurance is valid for 10 years and permits the holder of super visa to stay in Canada for up to 2 years. In simple words, the visitor can enjoy multiple trips to Canada within a period of 10 years.

While there’s no denying that super visa insurance has some advantages and disadvantages simultaneously for the prospective immigrant and their sponsors, it has helped many families to reunite with their elders.




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