Strategies To Mark Your Win In Online Roulette

The object of almost all the Roulette games is to pick a number that will be appearing after spinning the Roulette wheel. Additionally, you can also bet on the combinations of numbers and also choose the colour, whether it’s even or odd. But playing roulette game isn’t as easy as it seems.

The Wheel – There’re two types of roulette wheels. There are 37 slots in the European wheel numbering from 0-36 with the house edge 2.63. And the American wheel features 38 numbers as the double zero is added to its list. With the addition of an extra number, the house edge lands to 5.26 %.

The Layout – The Roulette game features its origin in France. In the modern-day layout of roulette, you’ll find the casino theme dating back to 1842. The Roulette layout features two betting areas. There are individual numbers in the inside roulette betting area. On the other hand, the outside betting area features boxes for the red/black, columns, and odd/even including different numbers. 

Inside Bets – There’re many inside bets for the layers. You can place bets at a number straddle or straight up the line between the numbers to choose a combination of the numbers. Check out the various types of payouts –

Straight Up – This bet is wagered on a single number and pays 35 to 1. 

Split Bet– It’s a wager on two numbers and pays 17 to 1. Plus, you can use this bet easily by placing the chip, so it straddles the line in between any two numbers.

Street bets or line bet – This bet pays the players anywhere from 11 to 1. In the online roulette line, a bet can be made by placing the chip on the vertical line. It separates the outside and inside betting areas. The chip placed by you straddles on the first number lying in the row.

Tips to ensure smart moves in roulette


It would help if you were realistic about the long odds in a roulette game. When playing roulette, you need to move with the sober realization that the game stands amongst the worst casino bets with a house advantage of 5.26% on the American wheel. This article poses with a few tips that may help you in enhancing the chances of your winning.

The Basics

You need to follow the strategy nicely if you want to improve/increase your odds of winning. If you are a fresher to the roulette game, the competing players sprinkling the layout of the chips may seem as if they are heaping the pepperoni slices on pizza. As long as you’ll be staying within the maximum limits of the table, you are allowed to make many different bets. Consequently, few of them prefer making just a single bet.

Of course, with more bets, you’ll make the game more challenging and complicated to follow. The two possible plans listed below will simplify the matter for you-

  1. Stick to the table and prefer playing only the outside bets. For instance, you consider betting either on black or red for each spin. You will earn 1 to 1 with this kind of bet as it covers over seventeen combinations out of thirty-seven possible combinations.
  2. Place two bets featuring equal amounts on two outside bets. Place one of the bets on a play that’s even and the other one on a dozen or column paying 2 to 1. Let say – you consider betting on Column 3 including seven red numbers and the other one on black, featuring eight red numbers. You will be covering 26 numbers for hitting. Additionally, you can place a bet on red pairing it with a bet on the second column, featuring eight black numbers. Moreover, you cover at least 26 numbers, of which 4 of them hold chances of winning twice. Well, spreading the bets this way won’t turn you rich in an instance, but it helps in keeping the things interesting at the online roulette table. 

Playing the European Wheel

With the European Wheel, the chances of winning get even better if the casino offers en prison- an advantageous rule of the play. This rule is not always available on the European wheel. The en prison rule reduces the house edge and can be applied to even-money bets. Like for example, you’ve got a $20 bet riding on black. And if the ball lands on 0 and your even-money bet neither wins nor loses, but stands locked up for one more spin. But on the next spin, if the ball lands on black, the house will return your original bet of $20, but you won’t have any winning amount. But if the ball lands on red, you lose. And if luckily the ball again lands on zero, your bet stays imprisoned and is carried to another round.